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The NPOV truth will set you free.


More Notes[edit]

On the phenomena that is Wikipedia[edit]

Should you want to read more about the Wikipedia and its articles:

A story about how Wikipedia has become a news outlet, and who exactly is editting on-line...,0,344107.story?coll=la-home-center

A story about the deletion wars on Wikipedia. I am an inclusionist, and for the record I refuse to pursue deletion of articles based on Wikipedia's slippery "notability" guideline. c.f., Flukeman I refuse to put such articles up for deletion, yet "notability", as defined by Wikipedia, would be hard to establish.

Adolf Hitler banned from editing on Wikipedia: (pretty funny!)


"The idea that all scientific knowledge is provisional, able to be challenged and overturned, is one thing that separates matters of science from matters of faith." NY Times, October 2007

I am of the firm opinion that the initial 1/4 or 1/3 of all Wikipedia articles (well most anyways) should be intelligible to an 8th grader. When I edit a Wikipedia topic, in my mind's eye I see an 8th grader with a report on due the next day on that topic. I pity this 8th grader when, for example, he has to write an article on geodesic, and he runs into an unintelligible Wikipedia article because the technical people have gone off the deep end. An article that is so incomprehensible that he does not even get a toe-hold as to what is going on. Alas, the poor 8th grader...please edit to give him or her a chance!

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