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My Views on Yahweh[edit]

I have a number of issues with the Abrahamic God of the Old Testament.

He creates two human progenitors, and places them in an ideal environment where they can live in harmony with their creator. This sounds all well and good, but then there is a forbidden tree bearing pomegranates. To eat this fruit will curse Adam & Eve, and their descendants, to sin and death. You might argue that they needed choice in order to be beings of free will. However, the results of their actions extend to all of their descendants, who never had any choice in the matter. On top of this, God permits one of his creations, a talking snake, to manipulate them into eating the fruit.

Keep in mind that these humans are in an infantile state, and have been set up to fail. The moment they ate the fruit and "had their eyes opened", they were cast out of Eden, and cursed with death and Original Sin. From the human perspective, this was an absolute catastrophe. From this point on, the human race is consigned to trial and tribulations, and an inherently flawed state. What originally seemed like the ultimate kindness, the Garden of Eden, is now a hideous taunt; a sneering mockery of what we had but will never get back.

God, in His Infinite Wisdom, must've known what would come of Original Sin and the Fall of Man. Stuff like war, genocide, rape, torture, murder, plague, famine, drought, mental illness, and more. And last but not least, God must've known that a large portion of His creations would fail the test of living, and BURN IN HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY!!! But He merely shrugs his heavenly shoulders like, "Oh well lol!"

The moral and reasonable action here would've been for God to turn Adam & Eve back into dust after the Fall, and abort the entire human race. Then he could've given us a second chance with new sets of progenitors, until he got it right and created sentient beings who were not inherently flawed. What is so Good about creating sentient individuals if they're going to be so cursed and contaminated?

Thus it began. But God wasn't done yet. When most of Adam & Eve's descendants fell into wrongful ways, due to an inherited defect from their original ancestors, they were not redeemed or repaired. Rather, they were drowned by a cataclysmic worldwide flood. Later, the history of the Israelites depicts God as reaching down and murdering individuals, groups, and whole populations simply for doing something wrong. His vindictiveness extends beyond the individual to multiple generations of his descendants.

And then there are the laws he puts forth. Death by stoning for sexual and religious indiscretions? I find it inconceivable that the laws of the creator would appear exactly like backward tribal customs. And his vanity is extreme, demanding worship and setting arbitrary rules. He enthrones and glorifies himself above all others just for the sake of doing so.

Things do take a turn for the better in the New Testament. It was nice of God to offer up his son as a sacrifice to redeem the human race. However, this begs the question of what happened to all the people who came before this, and those who had never heard of Jesus. Not only that, but even this loophole is arbitrary in nature. You are not redeemed from eternal oblivion by virtue of how right or wrong you were. Rather, it all depends on whether you accepted and formed a relationship with Jesus. If you did not, you are rejected, even if you lived correctly.

Then there is Revelations. God will permit a nightmarish cataclysm to unfold, allowing powerful evil entities to gain sweeping powers over the earth before it all collapses. Massive death and destruction will envelop the world, the like of which has never been seen. Why should God do all this if he is moral and reasonable?

To recap, he sets up the human race to fail, curses us as inherently defective, burdens us with a flawed and sinful existence, and nukes it all like some sort of maniac. And the only people who get into the metaphysical realm in one piece are those who submitted to an arbitrary loophole.

And not only is the loophole arbitrary, but it demands that we go against our very nature. If God didn't want us to be sexual, why were we given unto such passions? If God wanted us to stay ignorant and unquestioning, why were we given a drive for knowledge? If God wanted us to be obedient and selfless, why are we so individualistic? It's like we're being set against ourselves at every turn.

The biblical god Yahweh is a brutal tyrant, for whom creation and existence must seem like an enormous practical joke.