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747th Tank Battalion
747th Tank Bn Coat of Arms.jpg
747th Tank Battalion coat of arms
Active 5 May 1942 – 6 March 1946
9 December 1946 – 31 January 1954
Country  United States
Allegiance Army
Type Tank/Armor
Size Battalion
Part of Independent Unit
Equipment M4 Sherman
M5 Stuart

World War II

  • Normandy with Arrowhead
  • Northern France
  • Rhineland
  • Central Europe
Disbanded 31 January 1954

The 747th Tank Battalion was an independent tank battalion that participated in the European Theater of Operations with the United States Army in World War II. It was credited with an assault landing at Normandy, landing the morning after the initial D-Day landings (D+1). The battalion participated in combat operations throughout northern Europe until V-E Day. After the war it was briefly engaged in occupation duties. Redesignated the 747th Amphibian Tank Battalion on 14 July 1945, it was inactivated in March 1946.

The battalion was reactivated in December 1946 as a reserve unit. The unit was called into active military service as the 747th Amphibious Tank and Tractor Battalion at the start of the Korean War but did not deploy overseas. It was released from active duty in September 1953 and inactivated in January 1954.

Activation and Deployment[edit]

The 747th Tank Battalion was activated at Camp Bowie, Texas on 10 November 1942 as the 747th Tank Battalion (Medium). The battalion embarked from New York on 11 February 1944 and arrived in England on 23 February 1944.


1st Inf Div (p. 5)

  • 7-13 June 1944

2nd Inf Div (p. 18)

  • Co B: 8-15 June 1944
  • Co D: 11-15 June 1944

29th Inf Div (p. 126)

  • 17 May-17 August 1944
  • 28 September 1944-6 Mar 1945
  • 29 Mar-23 July 1945

Normandy Landings and Breakout in France[edit]

First elements landed at Vierville-sur-Mer at 0700 on 7 June 1944. BY afternoon most of battalion had landed and was attached to the 175th Inf Rgt for attack on Isigny. Isigny was taken by 0300 on 9 June.<June 44 AAR> Two platoons of Company B were initially attached to 18th Inf Rgt for advance on Mandeville. <June 1944 AAR>

Siegfried Line and Battle of the Bulge[edit]

Advance into Germany[edit]

Post War[edit]

Unit Awards and Decorations[edit]

  • French Croix de Guerre: 6 June 1944, Department of the Army General Order 43-50, Attached to 29th Infantry Division.[2]
  • Occupation Duty – Germany: 2 May-4 Sep 1945.[2]


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