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Welcome to my profile page!

About myself[edit]

I started using Wikipedia about six years ago when I started Sixth Form College, about the time when it started becoming well known and appearing often in Google searches. I found it particularly useful for doing research for homework and for general reading about the subjects I was interested in, mostly science related fields. When I finished Sixth Form I wanted to get involved in the Wikipedia community and created an account. About the same time I started an applied biology BSc degree at Northumbria University and anticipated spending some time adding content to Wikipedia, though over the four years at university I rarely made any contributions.

I have graduated now and have a bit of spare time on my hands, so I have started seriously reading up on Wikipedia policies and learning how to use all the editing features. I have also become quite interested in combatting vandalism I am going to spend some time looking for and repairing such acts. I would also like to start contributing to articles that need expanding and get involved in some biology related Wikipedia projects.

While I am generally interested in biology related topics, I’m specifically interested in molecular biology and molecular genetics. My final year university project was based on gene expression analysis in maize and so I have picked up some experience in practical genetic techniques and bioinformatics. If anyone would like help in any of these fields I would be glad to offer my support.

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