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My Wikipedia interests generally have to do with economics, history, and politics.

To do (short list)[edit]

My DYKs[edit]

  1. Jackknife (statistics) (5670 views)
  2. Involuntary unemployment (2811 views)
  3. Treasure of El Carambolo (8749 views)
  4. Edward Stevens (general) (1365 views)
  5. St. Mary's Abbey, Trim (1632 views)
  6. Maelsuthain O'Carroll (1726)
  7. Ramón de Bonifaz (6194 views)
  8. Oyster Wars (3219 views)
  9. Royal sites of Ireland (583 views)
  10. Solomonic columns
  11. North American Phalanx
  12. Jack Jouett
  13. Francis Nicholson
  14. Torre del Oro
  15. John Brown's Fort

Articles I've Started[edit]

Full list (with disambigs)

Articles I've made substantial edits to[edit]

  1. Labor rights
  2. Economic history of the United States
  3. Economic inequality
  4. State of nature
  5. Mudéjar
  6. Rabat
  7. History of Virginia
  8. Tartessos
  9. Lollardy
  10. History of macroeconomic thought
  11. Macroeconomics


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I award this Barnstar to Bkwillwm for their work on articles which have been recognised by their inclusion as "Did you know?" facts!
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Thanks Aldo samulo (talk) 05:52, 2 November 2012 (UTC)
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For such persistent hard work on History of macroeconomic thought, an article of complexity and challenge. Your long effort resulted in a Good Article and this well earned Barnstar. – S. Rich (talk) 05:07, 27 February 2013 (UTC)

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