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Blackle's User Page

I know how it do!

Hi I'm blackle[1], I'm 20, I've had this wikipedia account for ages, but I haven't made too many edits. I study Computer science and Mathematics at the University of Toronto. I'm in year 3 and loving it!

My main focuses are on Math and CS pages, however I'm also interested in geography, astronomy and physics. I'm also an amateur writer. An example of my work is my (as of yet unfinished) novel that I started during the 2013 NaNoWriMo challenge. You can find more information on its github repo.

I'm also an avid programmer. I'm most confident in web programming; ruby, HTML, CSS and the like. I also write quite a bit of perl and shell code. I'm currently trying to improve my c skills.

I also do art from time to time! See the links below for my DeviantArt account! And my Youtube channel!

  1. ^ This is a truncation of blacklemon67 that I began to use from my IRC days. I've come to prefer this name

Me Elsewhere:

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