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I'm a bioinformatician (Senior Scientific Officer), my interests are mainly in life sciences, particularly biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, structural biology and of course computer science. My main research interests are protein structure prediction (CASP) and protein-protein docking (CAPRI). I'm currently working on the development of a new server for protein structure prediction that hopefully will be operational for CASP8, I am also collaborating with competitors in the CAPRI assessment, looking at physico-chemical properties of binding surface residues. In addition, I'm looking after 7 workstations, 2 servers and a Linux cluster with 520 processors as the laboratory system administrator.

I also have some more general interests in geography and current affairs and any topic I can contribute to. French consider themselves experts in everything that matters, everything else doesn't matter, I don't know where this quote comes from, but I've been told it's an acurate description of me! Lol !

I started only recently to contribute to Wikipedia (September 2005) and not planning to stop any time soon. You will find that some of my contributions concern proteins and enzymes, as it is my main subject of research and try to contribute to Wikipedia:WikiProject Molecular and Cellular Biology.

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