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Hello and welcome to my page! My name is Pontus Eriksson, born in the mid 60's. I'm from Scania, an ex-Danish province that became Swedish in 1720. Many years ago, but I can still see Copenhagen across the Øresund. My dad is a retired airline pilot who among other aircrafts flew Boeing 720/720B for a duration of 17 years. Hence the choice of my alias.

My DC10 Simulator Diploma, from Västerås Flygmuseum

I have though myself landed a DC 10 a couple of times in a real flight simulator, previously used by Scandinavian Airlines pilots, today located at Västerås Flight Museum. I had used Microsoft's Flight Simulators 9 and 10 at home before, but in my opinion a real simulator feels different from what one might excpect, solely based on Microsoft's simulators.

I'm an examined Engeneer of embedded programming. My profession is though just "pure" C and Assembly programming of embedded system. So whithin my profession, I have not had much to do with real engeneering. A programming engeneer makes decisions (based on several key inputs, ecomomy being one of them) of which hardware to use for a certain task or in a certain mashine. While a programmer makes the software after the engeneered hardware design is finished. The scope of embedded programming stretches from toasters and shavers to operative systems for large aircraft. During this, the third millenium, I have mainly dealt with programming of hotel door keys and their computer system. It appears as most hotels have changed their key system by now. And anyway, my interest of programming has fallen a bit trough the years.

My interest of fotball has not fallen though. I'm a hopeless supporter of Landskrona BoIS, in bad times - aswell as in even worse times... In Denmark I'm a bit fond of Fremad Amager, likwise I've got some sympathies for Sheffield United and Everton in England, and for Borussia Dortmund in Germany.

As the years have gone by, my other interests have, to a certain extent, at least, changed from technological matters towards things like - birds, or ornithology. I'm however not that good to determine what species all those small birds are of, but typically I like to study and listen to big gulls like Larus argentatus and Larus marinus, especially when they nest and breed. But also swans, geese, crows, rooks, birds of prey etc. I don't dislike smaller birds at all, and I had budgies as a kid. I'm just not that good at study smaller birds in the wild. But whenever a swan has landed at a stupid location around where I live, I get a phone call from the local "bird emergency", and attempt to help the swan. Even the most angry male swan is totally harmless, but in order to handle a swan, one has to be firm and resolute - and know how to do in order to not harm the swan physically. During cold winter periods, swans may get dehydrated [eating snow gives to little fluid, the bird typically just lies down and will die if no sudden weather change is imminent or help is given. Such swans, lying still in the snow or on frozen soil, can be given water (preferably with some sugar in), but better is to take it home and put it in the bath! First it must be given water, as much as it needs. Later some oat can be added in the water, possible together with some butter or margarine. Let the bird rest over the night (all lights out). Then release it before noon the following day, close to open water.]. Further my interests have also increased within civics, litterature, film, geography, a little lingvistics and a lot more of history. Especially our local (Scanian-Danish) history from its beginning and world wide history from around the French revolution and onwards. I also like American Cichlids, and in my 575 litres aquarium I keep Rocio octofasciata or "Jack Dempsey".

I'm a member of the Swedish Church, but my faith is sooner of ecumenical Christian kind. Nothing I've invented myself, I just feel parts of the Swedish priesthood appear to care less for the written word, than a sinner like I do.

In the mornings I need coffee to be able to wake up properly, but in the evenings I prefer tea. I also drink skimmed milk, various types of beer, including ale and at occations also stronger fluids.

For so called "social media", I care next to nothing. Quite possibly due to my age, and I do not confuse Wikipedia with f.i Facebook. I hate e-mails like "Do You know this person ?", especially when I did knew the person in question, but the person has been dead for almost two years!

I have even reverted back to a common telephone and have stopped my previously (ab-)use of mobile phones. I got trouble inside my ears, but already after a fortnight without mobile phone, my ears recovered. Of cource I can see some benefits in smartphones, but I have difficulties to understand how some of today's youth almost cannot manage without a mobile phone.

And some "By the ways" - My Bowling record for one series is 172 points, I have lifted 106.5 kg in bench press, obtained green belt (6th Kuy) in Shotokan karate, have defeated a Chess player who had an ELO-ranking of almost 1900, and have made two three cussion Caramboles in a row. And and I believe I needed 31 or 32 attempts in order to reach 15 points, just a little below 0.5 in average. All these (fairly moderate) personal records are 25-35 years old by now.

Countries I've visited

SwedenDenmarkGermanyEnglandNetherlandsBelgiumSpainNorwayPolandAustriaFrancePortugalTunisiaItalyGreeceEast Germany

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