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Zebedee was an almost human creature in a yellow jacket with a spring instead of feet. He always appeared and disappeared with a loud "boing" sound and usually closed the show with the phrase "Time for bed." - The Magic Roundabout

In real life I'm Alan Oscroft, and I have a mixed academic and professional background - sciences, philosophy, computing, writing, finance and investment. I was born in Liverpool UK, but I don't like football or The Beatles.



I mainly do copy editing, correcting spelling and grammar, and tidying up formatting. I've created a small number of articles from scratch.


I take photos for en.Wikipedia articles, released by CC-BY-SA or freer, and upload them to Commons. It's nice that some of them get taken up by other projects. Last time I checked, the following articles were using my photos...

Project Merseyside...
59 Rodney StreetAlbany (Liverpool)Architecture of LiverpoolChurch of Saint Andrew, LiverpoolGrade I listed buildings in LiverpoolGrade II* listed buildings in MerseysideGrade II* listed buildings in Liverpool - City CentreJames Kellaway CollingJohn Hubbard SturgisList of museums in MerseysideList of Presbyterian churchesLiverpoolLiverpool City CentreLiverpool Town HallMartins BankRodney Street, LiverpoolSuperlambananaThe Whitehouse (pub)Ye Crackede.Frank McDonoughes.John Lennones.Liverpooles.Ye_Crackeit.Luoghi beatlesianinl.Stadhuis van Liverpoolnl.Superlambananaru.Суперламбананаsk.Liverpoolvi.Thành phố cảng Liverpoolzh.利物浦市政厅

Project Thailand...
Leng Buai Ia ShrineThai Chinese • Wat Hua LamphongWat Mangkon Kamalawates.Templo de Mangkon Kamalawatid.Tionghoa Thaiit.Thanon Yaowaratnl.Leng Buai Iaschrijnnl.Wat Hua Lamphongru.Хуа Лампхонгth.ไทยเชื้อสายจีนzh.龍蓮寺en.wikivoyage.Bangkok/Yaowarat and Phahurat

es.Ephebopus murinusfr.Ephebopus murinushu.Ephebopusnl.Ephebopus murinuspt.Ephebopus murinus


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