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hi, i'm apollo (this is a nickname). i've been on Wikipedia for 7 years. (that's since i was 12!) when i'm not editing some wiki or another, i often find myself playing synthpop music and video games (usually not simultaneously). i am a college student studying classics, computer science, and digital music in the USA.

i do not usually capitalize letters according to normal grammatical convention. normally, in the talk namespaces, i don't capitalize the start of a sentence or the pronoun i for personal reasons, and sometimes i also neglect to capitalize proper nouns. i'll often abandon this convention in more serious settings, but that's not a hard rule. if it particularly bothers you for any reason, just let me know! some other features of my use of the English language include: a) i often use the singular they; b) i use the serial comma; c) i prefer the "British" style of punctuation outside quotation marks.

when i'm not editing Wikipedia, i like to read, study Latin and Ancient Greek, idly play accordion, autoharp, analog synthesizers, et al., and think about wikiing. i also hang around This Might Be a Wiki (where i am a moderator) and Discogs.

what i do on Wikipedia[edit]

i have a pretty fair knowledge of HTML, CSS, and MediaWiki parser functions. but, i don't do a lot with templates here on Wikipedia.

here's some other info about me: contribs · user rights · edit count

if i've done something wrong, let me know. i usually respond fairly promptly to messages!