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Runes and Runestones[edit]

Part IV: Runic Inscriptions[edit]

Types of Runic Inscriptions
Picture stone
List of runestones
Non-Runestone Runic Inscriptions
Alemannic runic inscriptions
Anglo-Saxon runic rings
Arguel inscription
Bergakker inscription
Bewcastle Cross
Bryggen inscriptions
Bülach fibula
Caistor-by-Norwich astragalus
Charnay Fibula
Franks Casket
Frei-Laubersheim fibula
Golden Horns of Gallehus
Gothic runic inscriptions
Grumpan bracteate
Hunterston Brooch
Kleines Schulerloch inscription
Kragehul I
Kvinneby amulet
Lindholm amulet
Meldorf fibula
Nordendorf fibulae
Pforzen buckle
Piraeus Lion
Ring of Pietroassa
Runic inscription N 351
Runic inscriptions in Hagia Sophia
Ruthwell Cross
Sæbø sword
St Cuthbert's coffin
Schretzheim sword
Scythe sword
Seax of Beagnoth
Setre Comb
Sigtuna box
Thorsberg chape
Tjurkö bracteates
Torpo stave church
Undley bracteate
Vadstena bracteate
Vang stave church
Vimose inscriptions
Westeremden yew-stick
Runestone Styles
Runestone styles
Animal style
Borre style
Jelling style
Mammen style
Norse art
Oseberg style
Ringerike style
Urnes style