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Important - yes, but far from the full story...

World War II was, ultimately, a "World War" and the fact that African countries have not got the coverage they deserve on Wikipedia is certainly something that should be tackled. It's also important to remember that, though the role of a minority which fought in colonial armies should not be forgotten, the vast majority of the "African experience" of WWII was non-military and thus cannot be treated in articles such as Military history of South Africa during World War II. There is therefore a need for "X in World War II" articles, whose scope covers the economic, political and social history of the period, to bridge this gulf.

In the words of another user:

List of required articles[edit]

Map of Africa in 1939.png

Here's a list of articles which will have to be dealt with at some point; with helpful suggestions of sub-articles to include...

French colonies:

British colonies and protectorates

Other colonies & "independent":

Pages requiring "Africanisation"[edit]

Notes on naming[edit]

It seems logical to divide Africa along the lines that it was at the time for the purposes of the article. Modern Somalia, for example, was both French, Italian and British so joining the history to the modern country seems pretty weird. At the same time though, for the area of modern Ethiopia, "Italian East Africa in World War II" may be considered to have stopped in 1941 (with the Allied invasion) which causes certain problems.

At the same time, we have the issue of whether to include "French" or "British" etc. in article titles. To some extent, this can be left to common sense: using the title "French" in "French West Africa" is obviously crucial to its meaning, yet for countries like Nigeria which have kept roughly the same borders, it perhaps makes more sense to leave it...