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Hello. I'm active as User:BrillLyle on English Wikipedia and am a new member of Wikimedia New York City


Gene Hackman

Welcome to my user page. My name is Erika and I live in New York, NY.

My user name comes from a favorite movie, Enemy of the State, the character Gene Hackman plays named Edward "Brill" Lyle.


Articles I've written[edit]

Articles I've edited[edit]

I do mostly cleanup of dead links and citations that have bare URLs, and add citations from web news searches. List is a bit incomplete as I get into the editing and forget to update here a lot of the time.... :-)

About me[edit]

Work in progress - coloring
  • I am relatively new (abt April 26, 2013) to Wikipedia editing but I have quickly become passionate about Wikipedia content and formatting.
  • While doing an internship at CUNY Graduate Center's Library during the spring of 2013, I heard about Wikipedia:Meetup/globalwomen. I also read the press in the New York Times about "Wikipedia's Women Problem."[1] I signed up to participate in the Meetup, spent at least 18 hours straight teaching myself Wikipedia editing, and the rest, as they say, is history.
  • I am a big fan of Edit-a-thons and the Wikipedia:GLAM and Wikipedia:Wikipedia Loves Libraries initiatives
  • I made my 20,000+ Flickr photostream the most open Creative Commons license possible, and believe in Open access and Open-GLAM
  • I worked as a professional word processor at an investment bank in New York City for over 15 years
  • I have a Master of Science degree in Library and Information Science and a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Archives and Records Management

Good Will Disclosures

  • I am a member of various library and archive related societies, including METRO (I have edited their page)
  • I was a volunteer with the IAJGS ("International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies") and assisted with their social media and technology initiatives (I have edited their page)
  • I started some now inactive mailing lists on Yahoo! Groups related to bands I was a fan of, including one for fans of music on Bloodshot Records (I have edited their page and some of the Bloodshot-related bands)
    • I went to college with one of the owners of Bloodshot and count him as a friend
  • I am a long-time member of a music mailing list community that is active in its support of the Americana / singer-songwriter music genre
    • I am friendly with some of the musicians, bands, record label owners, journalists in this genre (I have edited TIAM's page)
  • I am from Nebraska (grew up in Omaha and Lincoln) and so have edited some articles that have subjects from Nebraska. Omaha is a small town so either I or members of my family may know these people
  • I am the second cousin twice removed of Jeanette "Yehudit" KRAFT (married name Yehudit SHADUR). She and her husband wrote a book on Jewish paper cutting and I worked on the entry
  • As of November 2013, I work as a temp metadata and scheduling analyst at AMC Networks. Because I watch so much television it is probable I have edited either actors or shows that are part of the network -- any editing I have done has been independent of my job and is representing me as a fan / obsessive TV watcher -- not as a temp / not as part of my job

Notes and references[edit]

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