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Hello! My name is Brout8. I have a sense of humor and I do edits to the articles on mtDNA and yDNA haplogroups and climate. [1]

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Possible Future E1b1a Tree[edit]

E1b1 (P2)

  • E1b1a (L222.1 (rs9786587), TSC0077541/V38 (rs768983), V100)
    • E1b1a1 (DYS271/M2/SY81 (rs9785941), P1/PN1, P189 (rs9786819), P211, P293 (rs16981297), L488 (rs9785791), L491 (rs9786113), L494 (rs9786015), L608 (rs73614832), L610 (rs73620099), M291 (rs7067423), CTS10638 (rs16980561), CTS10806/Z1135 (rs9786905), CTS8068 (rs9786408), CTS8123 (rs9786377), FGC10942/Y1705 (rs16980497), FGC10941/Y1746 (rs9786311), CTS8936 (rs16980606), CTS4162 (rs9786218), Z1120 (rs9785851), CTS4350 (rs9785907), CTS4415 (rs9786719), Z1122 (rs9786581), CTS5421 (rs9786536), CTS5539 (rs7067231), CTS5572 (rs9786459), CTS6056/Z1123 (rs16980467), CTS6180 (rs16980457), Z1124 (rs9786216), CTS6471 (rs9786170), CTS6474 (rs9786564), CTS6480/Z1125 (rs9786376), CTS6657 (rs16980463), CTS6892 (rs9785704), CTS7095 (rs16980500), CTS7311/Z1127 (rs9785895), CTS8443/TSC0769719 (rs9786803), CTS9188 (rs9786135), CTS9338 (rs9786379), CTS10122 (rs9786159), M4887(rs16980401), M4890/S27751(rs9785987), Z1130 (rs9786735), M4893 (rs9785869), M4902/S27705 (rs7067466), M4903 (rs17174592), M4904/S27758 (rs9786075), FGC10978 (rs3914299), M4909 (rs9943029), M4914/S27802 (rs9786874), M4756 (rs9786299), Z1133 (rs9786042), M4915/TSC0769718 (rs3914298), CTS11461/KHS1479188 (rs16980435), CTS11579 (rs9786907), CTS11729 (rs9786645), M4941 (rs9786625), S27753 (rs9786018), M4946/S27745 (rs9785875), CTS12968 (rs9785969), CTS7946 (rs9785703), M4917 (rs9786467), FGC10984/S27762/Y1750 (rs9786112), CTS10066 (rs9786313), CTS12367/KHS1479294 (rs16981830), CTS7641 (rs9786524), Z1101 (rs9786252), PF1461 (rs9785789), CTS1445/Z1107 (rs9785861), Z1116 (rs9786574), M4763 (rs16980754), CTS3105 (rs9785753), CTS3989 (rs9786100), CTS5964/TSC0424987 (rs1971755), L197, PAGES00106 (rs66965464), CTS614 (rs9786129), CTS809 (rs9786918), Z1110 (rs9786768), M4740/S27747 (rs9785883), M4741 (rs10429814), M4752 (rs9786036), V43 (rs73621792), KHS1381253/Z1108 (rs9786904), KHS1381225/M4757 (rs9786248), KHS1381210 (rs9786074), M4774/S27729 (rs7893091)
      • E1b1a1a (P46)
        • E1b1a1a1 (M180/P88 (rs2032598), P182 (rs16980394), L88.3 (rs3966071), L86.1 (rs9785801), L484.1 (rs9785797), PAGES00066 (rs9786326), S27749/Y1753 (rs9785892), FGC10980 (rs9785989), CTS4071 (rs9785890), Z1111 (rs9306846), M4739/S27755 (rs9786053), Z1112 (rs9786417), CTS1847 (rs9786594), CTS3576 (rs16980483), CTS3656 (rs9786418), CTS6046 (rs9786103), Z1132 (rs9785819), M4948 (rs9786526), CTS11732/KHS1381212 (rs9786099), CTS10914 (rs9785711), CTS10659 (rs9786019), CTS8826 (rs9785772), CTS2155 (rs9785821), CTS6933 (rs9786493), M4949/S27738 (rs9785672), CTS12659 (rs9786255), M4732/S27756 (rs9786055), FGC10970/KHS1336832/Y1651 (rs7067316), CTS544 (rs9786094), M4744/S27784 (rs9786481))
          • E1b1a1a1a (M58, PAGES00027 (rs35860478))
          • E1b1a1a1b (M116.2)
          • E1b1a1a1c (M149)
          • E1b1a1a1d (M155)
          • E1b1a1a1e (M10 (rs3901), M66 (rs2032627), M156, M195 (rs2032680))
          • E1b1a1a1f (L485 (rs9786118))
            • E1b1a1a1f1 (L514 (rs9786371))
              • E1b1a1a1f1a (M191/P86 (rs2032590), U186 (rs16980370), P253/U247 (rs2068150), TSC1640819/Z1712.1 (rs3991109), S27754 (rs9786041)
                • E1b1a1a1f1a1 (P252/U174 (rs16980586))
                  • E1b1a1a1f1a1a (P9.2)
                  • E1b1a1a1f1a1b (P115)
                  • E1b1a1a1f1a1c (P116) Fang, Teke
                    • E1b1a1a1f1a1c1 (P113)
                  • E1b1a1a1f1a1d (CTS8030/Z1704)
                  • L372 (Ghanaian)
                  • CTS4975/Z874 (rs58645400)(Yoruba Nigerians. & s.w. USA African Americans)
                  • CTS1045/Z870, Z871, CTS3684/Z872, CTS4968/Z873, CTS6478/Z1707, CTS7415/Z1708, Z1709 (African american)
                  • CTS8077/Z1630 (Kenyans and Nigerians)
                  • Z1631 (Nigerians)
                  • Z1632, CTS2540/Z1633, CTS2560/Z1634, CTS6398/Z1635, CTS7485/Z1636 (Nigerians)
                  • Z1637 (Nigerians)
                  • Z1638, Z1639 (Nigerians)
                  • Z1640 (Nigerians)
                  • CTS2754/Z1641 (Nigerians)
                  • Z1642 (rs2535854)(Nigerians)
                  • Z1643 (rs3950685), CTS553/Z1644, Z1645
                  • Z1646 (Kenyan)
                  • CTS9756/Z1647 (Kenyan)
                  • Z1648, CTS1231/Z1649 (Kenyan)
                  • Z1650, Z1651, Z1652, CTS11946/Z1653, Z1654 (Kenyan)
                  • Z1655 (Kenyan)
                  • Z1656, Z1657 (Kenyan)
                  • Z1658 (Kenyan)
                  • Z1659 (rs2433958)(Kenyan)
                  • Z1660, Z1661, Z1662, CTS1648/Z1663, CTS2235/Z1664, CTS2368/Z1665, CTS3486/Z1666, CTS4828/Z1667, CTS5453/Z1668/Z1670, CTS5873/Z1669, Z1671, Z1672
                  • Z1673 (Kenyan)
                  • Z1674, Z1675, CTS11738/Z1676, Z1677 (Kenyan)
                  • Z1678 (rs34930108)(Kenyan)
                  • CTS261/Z1679, Z1680, Z1681, Z1682, Z1683, Z1684, Z1685, CTS2061/Z1686, CTS2476/Z1687, CTS6595/Z1688, CTS8215/Z1689, CTS8639/Z1690, CTS9997/Z1691, Z1692 (Kenyan)
                  • CTS9806/Z1703 (Yoruba, Nigerians. Kenyan Luhyas & s.w. USA African Americans)
                  • CTS5788/Z1705 (Yoruba Nigerians. & s.w. USA African Americans)
                  • Z1706 (Yoruba Nigerians. & s.w. USA African Americans)
                • CTS397/Z1693, Z1694, Z1695, Z1696, CTS11714/Z1697 (Kenyan)
                • Z1698 (Kenyan)
                • Z1699 (Kenyan)
                • Z1700, CTS11609/Z1701 (Kenyan)
                • Z1702 (Kenyan)
              • E1b1a1a1f1b (M263.2 (rs9306836), L516 (rs9785973), L517 (rs9786805), L515 (rs9785694))
                • E1b1a1a1f1b1 (Z1893 (rs9786637))
                  • CTS3393/Z1894 (rs9786855)
          • E1b1a1a1g (U175 (rs16980588))
            • Z1716, CTS2504/Z1717, Z1718, CTS12610/Z1719, Z1720, Z1767
              • E1b1a1a1g1 (L220.3, L652, U209 (rs16980502), P277 (rs16980558), P278.1 (rs7067418), M4254 (rs7067329), M4230/S27711 (rs7474403), CTS4921 (rs7893016)
                • Z1804
                  • E1b1a1a1g1a (U290 (rs16980406))
                    • E1b1a1a1g1a1 (U181 (rs16980589))
                      • E1b1a1a1g1a1a (L97)
                    • E1b1a1a1g1a2 (Z1725)
                    • Z1723, Z1724 (Nigerians)
                    • Z1726 (Nigerians)
                    • Z1727, Z1728, CTS10992/Z1729, Z1730 (Kenyans)
                    • CTS8474/Z1731 (Single Yoruba Nigerian)
                    • Z1732, Z1733, Z1734, CTS4718/Z1735, CTS7657/Z1736, CTS7973/Z1737, Z1738 (2 Kenyan men)
                    • CTS1387/Z1739, Z1740, CTS1870/Z1741, CTS7262/Z1742, Z1743 (Kenyans)
                    • CTS1166/Z1744, Z1745, Z1746, Z1747, Z1748, Z1749, Z1750, Z1751, Z1752, CTS3345/Z1753, CTS3599/Z1754, Z1755/CTS5402, CTS8044/Z1756, Z1757, Z1758, Z1759, Z1760 (Kenyans)
                    • Z1761, Z1762, CTS7384/Z1763 (Kenyans)
                    • CTS127/Z1764, CTS680/Z1765, Z1766 (Nigerians)
                    • L649, L650, L651 (rs375852806)(Angolan?)
                • E1b1a1a1g1b (P59)
                • E1b1a1a1g1c (M154)
                • E1b1a1a1g1d (V39)
                • (L609, L611)
                • Z1721, Z1722 (Nigerians/Kenyans)
                • CTS283/Z1768, Z1769, Z1770, Z1771, CTS6467/Z1772, CTS9244/Z1773 (Kenyans)
                • Z1774, CTS1974/Z1775, CTS3661/Z1776 (Nigerians/Kenyans)
                • Z1777, Z1778, Z1779, Z1780, CTS3243/Z1781, CTS5497/Z1782, Z1783, Z1784 (Puerto Ricans and Kenyans)
                • CTS7186/Z1785 (Nigerians and Kenyans)
                • Z1786, CTS3119/Z1787, Z1788, CTS11328/Z1789 (Nigerians, Kenyans and Puerto Ricans)
                • Z1790 (Nigerians ,Kenyans and Puerto Ricans)
                • Z1791, CTS1458/Z1792, Z1793, Z1794, Z1795, CTS3842/Z1796, Z1797, CTS5226/Z1798, CTS8157/Z1799, CTS9985/Z1800, Z1801, Z1802, CTS12044/Z1803 (Kenyans)
          • E1b1a1a1h (P268, P269)
    • E1b1a2 (M329)

L473 (rs2998677) C>T is a recurrant marker in E-V38.

L128 (rs9786068) T>C is also a recurrant marker in E-V38.

7.89% E1b1a USA male population

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