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My Sandbox

Articles I want to write[edit]

Articles I want to edit[edit]

About Me[edit]

Well... the name's Collins. I'm broke, bored... I'm a sadist. And uh... I like meat. so I don't want to hear any of your vegan bullshi*. I'm 13, currently attending Henderson Avenue Public School. This is my last year with User:dsantestaban alias Diego. So I will try my best this year to make his life miserable. With the help of my fellow student Austin Thomas. and yes... we'e bullies. =) (Actually, we're doing the world a favour.)



Life at School[edit]

Scenerio 1:

  • Diego: ... had the weirdest dream last night... i was abducted by aliens from pluto...
  • Austin and Collins: .. we don't give a fuc*, so shut up!
  • Diego: and what if i don't? (donald duck voice)
  • Austin: then we'll kick your ass at recess.
  • Diego: Good luck with that! (donald duck voice)
  • Austin: Just shut the fuc* up!

Scenerio 2:

(Math Class)

  • Crawf: and the question to number 2 is... Diego?
  • Diego: what question are we on?
  • Crawf: you know, you wouldn't be asking that question if you were paying attention instead of drawing freeways.
  • (Class bursted out laughing)
  • Collins: hahahaha Diego.
  • Diego: Shut up Collins.
  • Collins: quote and what if i don't? unquote
  • Austin: Bahahaha..
  • Diego: then i'll kill you.
  • Collins: quote Good luck with that! unquote
  • Diego: Collins!!!! i hate you...

Scenerio 3:

  • Austin: what's the question to number 3?
  • Stevie: your mom.
  • Austin: Shut up. whats the real- david... stop drawing dicks on my desk... thats nasty..
  • Collins: so's your mom.
  • Austin: Jesus Christ... shut up about your mom...



My Top Ten Albums[edit]

My Top Ten Albums[edit]

Album Title Album Artist Best Song(my Opinion) Release Date
1. Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge My Chemical Romance I'm Not Okay June 8, 2004
2. One-X Three Days Grace Animal I Have Become June 13, 2006
3. The Fiction We Live From Autumn to Ashes Lilacs & Lolita September 9, 2003
4. A Beautiful Lie 30 Seconds to Mars The Kill August 16, 2005
5. Extreme Behavior Hinder Lips of an Angel September 27, 2005
6. City of Evil Avenged Sevenfold Beast and the Harlot June 7, 2005
7. Found in the Flood The Bled My Assasin August 23, 2005
8. (What's the Story) Morning Glory? Oasis Wonderwall October 2, 1995
9. The Guest Phantom Planet California November 4, 2002
10. Nightmare Anatomy Aiden Knife Blood Nightmare October 4, 2005

My Top Three Books/Book Series[edit]

Book/Series Title Author
1. Be More Chill Ned Vizzini
2. The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown
3. The Chronicles of Narnia C. S. Lewis

Wikipedia User Friends[edit]

User:Steviebengiefan alias Stevie Kideckel

List of Articles I've Edited[edit]

Articles I've Made and Have Been Deleted But I Don't Know Why[edit]