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About me

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My name is Megan and I'm very autodidactic and eclectic and love learning! Among hobbies I've had are chess (state champions at school in 1995!), playing sports and being active, astronomy, science, learning and making languages, everything musical, building computers and writing code/programs, gaming, mechanics and auto-repair, geography and mapping and GIS-systems, and pretty much learning anything new. The world is a fascinating place for me, and I'm so full of curiosity. Among things I've studied and academia that I enjoy are: psychology and cognition, medicine, gender and sexuality, both of humans and of primates, linguistics, chemistry, physics, anatomy and physiology, percussion and instrumental music, composition, history and theory, and most of all the interaction of all of the above. I have studied an extensive amount of Human Factors, systems complexity, systems safety, and accident-causation, mostly through an aviation paradigm. I have a dog and, roommates' pets included, we also have 2 snakes, 2 cats, and used to have a rabbit, 3 rats, a mouse colony, and several fish! When I was younger my family used to have a few ferrets, guinea pigs, and hamsters. Eventually I'd like to get a skunk, and maybe a few other safe, healthy "exotic" pets as house pets. Nothing stupid like a chimpanzee or capuchin like I used to want but now know is a horrible idea. I speak English, French, and German rather fluently, and Hebrew, Latin, and Spanish to a small extent. I'm also working on Korean, Arabic, Russian, and Polish a bit. I have worked in food service, retail, groundskeeping/landscaping, as a bus driver, and as a dispatcher. I keep myself very busy, am quite active, and rarely ever watch TV or movies. I like to read nonfiction books about topics that teach me about the world around me. I enjoy volunteering and have volunteered many places, including food shelters, mission projects, home restoration, and most importantly a 6-month bout with the suicide prevention and crisis intervention hotline. Eventually I plan to go to medical school and hopefully practice endocrinology or maybe neurology or urology. I might even try to hybridize my expertise on HF and accident-causation in complex systems with my medical experience so as to help hospitals to be that much safer and reduce any sort of malpractice.

While my college education has taught me to always be skeptical and take things with a grain of salt, challenging sources of information and credentials, I usually trust Wikipedia as a source of information for fields that don't require professionally edited, peer-reviewed, and published information. I hope that my additions and edits can help make it even better!