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On vacation in 2014 on Lokrum

I'm a medical student from Gothenburg, Sweden, but I'm interested in a whole lot of other things as well. I've studied a number of other courses at the University of Gothenburg and Uppsala University (in no particular order): Exercise physiology, Sports medicine, Biomechanics, Molecular biology, Cognitive science, Neurocognition, Religious studies, English, French, Japanese, Latin and Computer science. Were it not for my myriad of interests I would only have a year left till my MD.
On my free time I work as an athletics coach as well as being involved in various aspects of managing an athletics club. I run the 400m hurdles myself, having a love-hate relationship; racing gives both a rush and an unbelievable lactic acid head-ache.
As of June 2014 I received a Wikimedia IEG for Medicine Translation Project Community Organizing and my aim is to work as much as I can to ensure this project succeeds. Translating high quality medical content is for me a real way to impact the world and hopefully benefit many people.
P.S. If you're trying to get in touch with me the fastest way to talk to me is to send an e-mail


Cartella verde.jpg
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My contributions

I've made an ever increasing list of resources available to Wikipedia, content which I've found on the internet and also content which I've bought and scanned in, or borrowed from libraries. The resources are all either licensed under CC-BY-SA or lack a license as their copyright has expired.

(Note This list is severely outdated, but I'm currently working on some major updates, so stay tuned)