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Christopher Fynn[edit]

Chris Fynn


Christopher Fynn (b. 1950). Chris was born in Hereford, United Kingdom and brought up and educated in the UK and Canada. In the 1970's and 80's Chris spent over a decade living in Tibetan communities in India where he studied Tibetan language and Buddhism with several prominent Tibetan teachers and and scholars of all traditions. More recently, he has been living (for over ten years) in Bhutan where he has worked extensively on various projects, including developing Unicode compatible tools and fonts for the Tibetan and Dzongkha languages, inputting the textual corpus of Padma Lingpa and digitizing the catalogue of the National Library of Bhutan. He has collaborated with Microsoft to develop the OpenType shaping rules for the Tibetan script and collation rules, which later were incorporated into Windows Vista and other programs.

Chris comes from a background in software engineering, text inputting, printing, and typesetting technology. In 1994, he developed a Tibetan keyboard utility (TibKey) and font (Tibetan Modern) for MS Windows 3. Since 1995, Chris has been a member of the BSI Internationalization panel and was instrumental in getting the Tibetan script encoded in the ISO 10646 and Unicode Standards. Chris has also worked with Nitartha International, the Dzongkha Development Commission, Tibetan and Himalayan Library, the Department of Information Technology in Bhutan (on the Dzongkha Linux project), the National Library of Bhutan. For the past five years Chris has been again working with the Dzongkha Development Commission in Thimphu, Bhutan. [1]


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