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This user is no longer active on Wikipedia as of December 2009.

This was a rather difficult decision to make, but I have had just about enough when it comes to the editing habits of other users. What usually seems to happen (in AfDs, mainly) is that if one person suggests something be changed or deleted and then I agree with it, opposing users come down on me as though I’m the one that made the original suggestion. I have been able to ignore most of the situations, but the problem escalated the most here and here. On the former, I don’t understand why Simpsons-related articles seem to be invincible, and on the latter, well, that was the last straw because everyone was accusing me of slinging mud and trying to intimate other users into agreeing with my ideas, which was hardly what I was doing. When I opposed something it was somehow viewed as a personal attack; conversely, when someone came at me with an actual personal attack, it suddenly wasn’t seen as such.

I am a very good and neutral editor, but I am not going to put up with mistreatment. If the plan was to push me away, well, mission accomplished. THE AMERICAN METROSEXUAL 22:43, 25 December 2009 (UTC)