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Calmer Waters local time is: 12:44 pm

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Responsibilities: administrator
Button Icon Violet.svg 28,747+ edits
Button Icon Violet.svg 962 deleted edits
Button Icon Yellow.svg 466 pages moved
Button Icon Yellow.svg 660 pages patrolled
Button Icon Yellow.svg 40 files uploaded
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Button Icon Orange.svg 189 users blocked
Button Icon Orange.svg 5 users re–blocked (block settings changed)
Button Icon Orange.svg 3 user un–blocked

DYKs 28
DYK articles written or expanded: 17
DYK articles nominated on behalf of others: 11
Articles Created: 52
Articles significantly expanded: 4
Articles for Creation successfully passed: 54 AFC Ribbon 2.png

Active Projects: Lost, WP:Medicine, DYK, AIV, ACC, and AFC
Essays: DYK...From Hook to Main Page - Advice for making the DYK experience both smooth and enjoyable.

Awards: AFC-Barnstar-2.png Goldenwiki.png Goldenwiki.png Original Barnstar.png Dyk25.svg AFC-Barnstar-2.png SpecialBarnstar.png Team Barnstar.pngBarnstar of Reversion2.png

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Requests for unblock 17
Wikipedia semi-protected edit requests 14
Wikipedia template-protected edit requests 0
Wikipedia protected edit requests 4
Requested edits 67
Candidates for speedy deletion as copyright violations 0
Candidates for speedy deletion 41
Open sockpuppet investigations 27
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User requested 2
Empty pages 1
Nonsense pages 0
Spam pages 4
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Other candidates 20

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