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About me[edit]

I am a scientist and science historian with interests in volcanism, environmental chemistry, geology, and in natural hazards. I currently reside in the Western USA.

Here my alter ego though: Carboxen

My wiki statement[edit]

I am individually more interested in creating or correcting contents rather than formats. I am eternally greatful for the speedy minor wiki format corrections to my prior contributions by fellow wikiites! I am trying my best to get it as close as I can to proper wiki format (forgive my errors!) but I feel that my contributions may benefit more from my expertise in subject matters rather than formats.

Pages I created[edit]

uuuh... not soo many. I did a couple in the German Wikipedia though. Check for more soon!

created Template:VNUM, now outdated and superseded by a better template, but for over a year the only one we had!

(need to check if there are other ones I did)

Pages I am supposedly (co-) watching[edit]

These are pages I am watching more than just for the occasional edit, I feel somewhat responsible for them but I am certainly not the only one nor do I have any "rights" on them - I just am especially interested in them. That doesn't mean I get to always be there when vandalism happens...

Pages I significantly modified or co-worked on[edit]

incomplete ! see a more detailed list here

Old edits: (since October 2005) see and (edits after 2006 using these IPs are not associated with me)

To-do list[edit]

  • edit, clean up, and create biographies of famous scientists
  • edit, clean up, and expand existing pages related to my interests
  • time permitting, create some new pages

Biographies (to do)[edit]

links & tools[edit]

Discussion welcome!