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My work so far has primarily been in the visual arts and Colorado prehistory, but I am very interested in writing more about Human Rights and History. Thanks so much to the many who have helped me along the way, most notably and consistently Sitush, Ipigott, Modernist, and The Transhumanist! I wouldn't have come nearly as far without your direction and support. Namaste.


Women artists[edit]

Title Image Articles
Artists born in the 16th century Portrait of artist Susanna Hornebolt (1503-1545).jpg Susannah Hornebolt - England's first known female artist (improved)
Artists born in the 18th century Pauline Auzou-The First Sense of Coquetry, 1804.jpg Pauline Auzou (improved), Hannah Cohoon (improved), Polly Collins (new), Constance Mayer (improved)
Artists born in the 19th century The Two Kings' Children by Elenore Abbott.jpg Elenore Abbott (improved), Sophie Gengembre Anderson (improved), Vivian Louise Aunspaugh (improved), Enella Benedict (improved), Fidelia Bridges (improved), Jennie Augusta Brownscombe (improved). Approved DYK for International Women's Day, Hilda Carline (new), Ruth Payne Burgess (improved), Katharine Carl (improved), Eda Nemoede Casterton (improved), Minerva J. Chapman (improved), Émilie Charmy (improved), Elizabeth Coffin (improved), Nessa Cohen (improved), Emma Lampert Cooper (improved), Kate Cory (improved), Louise Cox (improved), Elinor Darwin (improved), Jenny Eakin Delony (improved), Maria Oakey Dewing (improved), Edith Dimock (improved), Sarah Paxton Ball Dodson (improved), Helen Thomas Dranga (improved), Susan Macdowell Eakins (improved), Elizabeth Forbes (artist) (improved); Ruth VanSickle Ford (improved), Ellen Day Hale (improved), Edith Haworth (improved}, Anna Hope Hudson (new), Helen M. Knowlton (improved), Lilian May Miller (improved), Nampeyo (improved), Abigail May Alcott Nieriker (expand), Marion Nicholl Rawson (improved), Ethel Sands (new, Good article), Marjorie Sherlock (new), Jessie Willcox Smith (improved)
Artists born in the 20th century Florence Riefle Bahr (improved), Judith Bernstein (improved), Emilie Boon (improved), Ruth Borchard (improved), Hilda Carline (new), Lillian Chestney, Jean Cooke (improved), Miriam Davenport (improved), Ruth Dicker (improved),Katherine Sophie Dreier (improved), Katherine Sophie Dreier (improved), Lynne Mapp Drexler (improved), Mary Beth Edelson (new), Nita Engle (improved), Jane Freilicher (improved), Laura Marie Greenwood (improved), Natalie Hays Hammond (improved), Helen Hardin (improved), Edith Haworth (improved), Joan Arend Kickbush (improved), Joyce Kozloff (improved), Susan Krieg (improved), Alicia Leeke (expand), Allison Lefcort (expand), Alicia Leeke (expand), Allison Lefcort (expand), Dana Levin (improved), Marjorie Mikasen (improved), Barbara E. Mink (improved), Esther Rose (improved), Jenny Scobel (improved), Genevieve Springston Lynch (improved), Amanda Sage (expand), Sally Schoch (improved), Elinor Bellingham Smith (new), Pamela Stafford (improved), Mierle Laderman Ukeles (improved), Jessica Voorsanger (improved), Kay WalkingStick (improved), Faith Wilding (improved), Janise Yntema (improved)
Organizations American Artists Professional League (new), New York Feminist Art Institute (new), Penland School of Crafts (improved), Womanhouse (improved), Women's Caucus for Art (improved),
Movements Art contemporain à Versailles (3).jpg Cyberfeminism (improved), Feminist art (new from redirect), Feminist art movement in the United States (improved), Feminist art movement (new from redirect)
Templates Template:Feminist art movement in the United States (new), Template:New Woman (late 19th century) (new)


Title Image Articles
Topics Life of the Diligent Shaker.jpg Shakers (improved), Early Chronology of Shakers (new from Shakers article, still needs work and citations), Era of Manifestations, Shaker furniture (improved)
Communities South Family Building, Harvard Shaker Village MA.jpg Shaker communities (new), Alfred Shaker Historic District (improved), Enfield Shaker Historic District , Groveland Shaker Village (new), North Union Shaker Site (improved), Union Village Shaker settlement (new), Shirley Shaker Village (improved), Watervliet Shaker Village (Ohio) (new)
People Hannah Cohoon, Tree of Life or Blazaing Tree, 1845.jpg Hannah Cohoon (improved), Polly Collins (new)
Templates SimpleGifts.png Template:Shakers sidebar (new), Template:Shaker music (new)

Southwest, primarily Colorado[edit]


Title Articles
General articles Prehistory of Colorado * List of prehistoric sites in Colorado
Paleo-Indian sites New: Cedar Point Village * Colorado Millennial Site * Franktown Cave * Jones-Miller Bison Kill Site * Jurgens Site * Lamb Spring * Magic Mountain Site * Phillips-Williams Fork Reservoir Site * Roxborough State Park Archaeological District * Soapstone Prairie Natural Area * Trinchera Cave Archeological District Expanded: Lindenmeier Site * LoDaisKa Site * Roxborough State Park (minor expansion)
Prehistoric cultures New: Apex complex * Apishapa culture * Basketmaker culture * Cody complex * Dismal River culture * Mount Albion complex * Panhandle culture * Picosa culture * Sopris Phase Expanded: Oshara Tradition
Ancient Puebloan sites New: Anasazi Heritage Center * Ansel Hall Ruin * Joe Ben Wheat Site Complex / Yellow Jacket. Expanded: Canyons of the Ancients National Monument * Hawkins Pueblo and Preserve * Hovenweep National Monument * Mesa Verde National Park * NAN Ranch * Yucca House National Monument
Ancient Puebloan subjects and periods New: Basketmaker culture * Early Basketmaker II Era * Late Basketmaker II Era * Basketmaker III Era * Pueblo I Era * Pueblo II Era * Pueblo III Era * Pueblo IV Era * Pueblo V Era Expanded: List of ancient dwellings of Pueblo peoples in Colorado * Trail of the Ancients
Protohistoric New: Canon Pintado
Archaeologists Cynthia Irwin-Williams (new) * Joe Ben Wheat (expanded, clean-up)
Archaeological evidence New: Mano (stone) * Storage pit (archaeology)
Navigation templates New: Indigenous people of Colorado * Ancient Pueblo People

Native Americans[edit]

Title Articles
Biographies Cheyenne: Owl Woman. Taos Pueblo: Albert Looking Elk * Albert Lujan * Juan Mirabal * Lori Tanner (Pop Wea) (stub)
Nations Expanded: Jicarilla Apache * Taos Pueblos * Ute Mountain Ute Tribe


Articles in this list exclude those for Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs, which have their own sections.

Title Articles
Explorers Expanded: Dominguez-Escalante Expedition
Municipalities Expanded: Montana City, Colorado
Historic buildings or sites New: Black Forest School * Calhan Paint Mines Archeological District * Calhan Rock Island Railroad Depot * Drennan School * Eastholme
Biographies New: Clara Brown * Elizabeth Hickok Robbins Stone. Expanded: * Frances Wisebart Jacobs
Biographical related articles New: Society of Colorado Pioneers * Colorado Women's Hall of Fame

Manitou Springs[edit]

Title Articles
General articles New: Manitou Springs Historic District * List of Manitou Springs Historic District buildings
Historic buildings or structures New: Bridge over Fountain Creek * Barker House * Cliff House * Crystal Valley Cemetery * Keithley Log Cabin Development District * Manitou Bathhouse * Manitou Mineral Springs * Manitou Springs Bridges (2) * US Post Office-Manitou Springs Main * Redstone Castle (also Chambers House) * Wheeler Bank
Biographies New: Louis Unser * Jerome B. Wheeler

Colorado Springs[edit]

Title Articles
General New: History of Colorado Springs, Colorado (from a redirect). Expanded: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Biographies New: Eric Bransby * Albert E. Carlton * Thomas MacLaren (architect) * Alice Bemis Taylor
Historic buildings New: Boulder Crescent Place Historic District * Carlton House * Chadbourn Spanish Gospel Mission * City Hall of Old Colorado City * Colorado Springs City Hall * Colorado Springs Day Nursery * Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum * Colorado Springs Public Library-Carnegie Building * Cottonwood Creek Bridge * Cutler Hall * DeGraff Building * Judson Moss Bemis House * Penrose Hospital * US Post Office and Courthouse
Parks and trails New: Bear Creek Cañon Park * Bear Creek Regional Park and Nature Center * List of parks in Colorado Springs, Colorado * Memorial Park, Colorado Springs * Monument Valley Park * North Cheyenne Cañon Park * Parks in Colorado Springs, Colorado * Pikes Peak Greenway
Other New: Colorado Balloon Classic * Colorado Springs Business Journal

Bookmark only for reference

Abolitionists, slavery[edit]

Title Articles
Biographies New: Primus Hall * John T. Hilton * Edward G. Walker * Delia Webster. Expanded: Prince Hall
Boston historic sites John Coburn House * Lewis and Harriet Hayden House * List of notable addresses in Beacon Hill, Boston * Phillips School * Rowe Street Baptist Church * John J. Smith House
Other 12th Regiment Heavy Artillery U.S. Colored Troops
Navigation templates Boston African American community pre-Civil War * Slave narrative


  • Choeje Ayang Rinpoche
  • Tergar Meditation Community
  • Tergar Osel Ling Monastery

Visual Arts[edit]

Artist Example Articles
Frank Weston Benson Calm Morning 1904 Frank Weston Benson.jpg New: List of works by Frank Weston Benson

Expanded: Frank Weston Benson - The Guild of Boston Artists

Related Salem Harbor
Raphael MadonnaFoligno.jpg Ansidei Madonna‎ * Aldobrandini Madonna‎ * Madonna of Foligno (Raphael) * Madonna of Loreto (Raphael)‎ * Madonna with the Blue Diadem‎ * Niccolini-Cowper Madonna * The Prophet Isaiah (Raphael)‎
Sculptors Above the entrance of the Russell Institute - - 963712.jpg Archibald Dawson‎ * Donald Gilbert
Stained glass Stained glass Aesthetic.jpg Glass techniques Came * Came glasswork

New * Alfred Drury * Arild Rosenkrantz * Joan Howson * Moira Forsyth * British and Irish stained glass template

Expanded The Glass House
Taos art colonly WLA ima Higgins Indian Girl with Parrot and Hoop.jpg New: Harwood Museum of Art * Taos Art Museum * Albert Looking Elk * [[Albert Lujan] * Juan Mirabal * Lori Tanner (Pop Wea)

Expanded: Millicent Rogers Museum * Taos Society of Artists * Taos art colony

Related, expanded: Taos, New Mexico
Vincent van Gogh Vincent van Gogh, Wheat Field, June 1888, Oil on canvas.jpg Expanded List of works by Vincent van Gogh * Portraits by Vincent van Gogh

Almond Blossoms (Van Gogh series) * Butterflies (Van Gogh series) * Paintings of Children (Van Gogh series) * Trees and Undergrowth (Van Gogh series) * Van Gogh's family in his art * Wheat Fields (Van Gogh series)
Vincent van Gogh - Netherlands Van Gogh 1881-04, Etten - Sower (after Millet) F 830 JH 1.jpg Cottages (Van Gogh series)‎ * Early works of Vincent van Gogh - works from 1881 and 1882 * Old Church Tower at Nuenen‎ * Peasant Character Studies (Van Gogh series) * Sien * Still life paintings by Vincent van Gogh (Netherlands) * Still Life with Straw Hat
Vincent van Gogh - Paris WLANL - artanonymous - De Seine met de Pont de la Grande Jatte.jpg Agostina Segatori Sitting in the Café du Tambourin‎ * Asnières (Van Gogh series) * Le Moulin de la Galette (Van Gogh series): Montmartre, windmill paintings named Le Moulin de la Galette * Montmartre (Van Gogh series) * Outskirts of Paris (Van Gogh) * Portrait of Père Tanguy: Paris, supported Van Gogh, Japanese influence * Seine (Van Gogh series): Paris, paintings along the Seine in Paris, Clichy, and Asnières * Still life paintings by Vincent van Gogh (Paris) * Still Life: Vase with Pink Roses (Van Gogh) * Vase with Red Poppies
Vincent van Gogh - Arles Vangogh mousme.jpg Farmhouse in Provence * Hospital in Arles (Van Gogh series) * La Mousmé‎ * Landscape with Snow * Good article Langlois Bridge at Arles (Van Gogh series): Arles, combination of new influences and those of Holland * Portrait of the Artist's Mother (Van Gogh): Arles, made from a photograph * The Roulin Family (Van Gogh series): Arles, interaction and support by Roulin family * Saintes-Maries (Van Gogh series)
Vincent van Gogh - Saint Remy Landscape with wheat sheaves and rising moon.jpg Copies by Vincent van Gogh: Paintings made in Saint-Remy of works by Millet, Delacroix, Rembrandt and others * Farmhouse in Provence * Flowering Orchards (Van Gogh series) * Good article Olive Trees (Van Gogh series) of 16 paintings: Saint-Remy, spiritual significance, compliment to The Starry Night * Saint-Paul Asylum, Saint-Rémy (Van Gogh series) is a collection of paintings that Van Gogh made of the asylum grounds or from his window in the asylum. It includes paintings of the interior, the enclosed wheat field he painted from his cell and a number of paintings of the garden grounds, trees and flowers. There are also three portraits. * The Wheat Field: paintings of the enclosed wheat field visible from Van Gogh's room at Saint-Paul asylum
Vincent van Gogh - Auvers Marguerite Gachet in the garden.jpg Daubigny's Garden * Doctor Gachet's Garden in Auvers * Girl in White
Wyeths New: Carolyn Wyeth

Expanded: Andrew Wyeth - Jamie Wyeth
Other artists Conjurer Bosch.jpg Hieronymus Bosch: The Conjurer (painting) - The Temptation of St Anthony (Bosch painting) * Salvador Dalí Basket of Bread

Other articles[edit]


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Great reference material[edit]

Did You Know (DYK) and Recognition[edit]

Temporary holding space[edit]

Devon sources[edit]

  • I have found an invaluable source to be Vivian, you might expect me to say that, and I believe the history of Devon is about people fundamentally, and especially the Landed gentry, who built the large houses, parts of the churches, etc., from whose ranks were appointed all the officials of local government. These are the people who populate Vivian and who are talked about in all the other works.
  • Hoskins is essential, perhaps the most respected by other authors - some even dedicate their works to him - but his main work ("A New Survey of England: Devon, 1959") is an exhaustive overview summary and thus lacks detail. I think he's published much of his detailed knowledge in many specialist articles.
  • Pevsner is the godfather for county architecture, church monuments etc.
  • Risdon's work is also essential. He saw and recorded many documents and facts the sources of which are now lost. He is quoted by all later writers, Prince, Polwhele, Hoskins etc. The 1810 edition has notes which bring histories up to that date.
  • William Pole (antiquary) is possibly even better than Risdon, but harder to get hold of.
  • Hoskins, Pevsner and Risdon I find an excellent combination for cross-checking and a 3-D view.
  • Lauder's Devon Families is good at least for the sort of thing that I find interesting.
  • Ideally also the 2 vol ("2 part") set on the Devonshire Domesday Book, which contains translated transcripts of every entry, and copious notes on the subsequent descents of most manors and estates. Thorn, Caroline & Frank, Domesday Book, Vol. 9, Devon, Parts 1 & 2, Phillimore Press, Chichester, 1985. (That's how I knew Annery wasn't in DB, it's got very good indexes).
  • Lysons is good also as you know.
  • If you can pick up an old copy (the older the better) of Burke's Landed Gentry cheap, it's very useful, as it records long descents of families resident on certain estates.
  • 140-odd volumes of the Transactions of the Devonshire Association. Links to the online volumes (most of them up to vol 52 (1920)), a list of the titles of all the papers, and abstracts of the latest vols are on the TDA website here.

be cautious in making use of those older sources like Tristram Risdon (died 1640), though, since later research can have revised or even completely overturned what they believed – that's why we usually attribute: "Risdon said ..."