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On memory and our capacity to remember loads of information[edit]

Think of a main street in the suburb where you live. Now try and list all the attributes you can think of about that street; shops, funny houses, broken streetlights, working streetlights, cracks in the footpath, no parking zones, residences, opening hours of shops, cross-streets, schools etc. You should be up to a few hundred items of information. Now think of other streets in your suburb, then other suburb. See how much you remember (alot, isn't it?) My take on this is you don't have to be some child prodigy to remember prodigious amounts of information and we can all be alot more knowledgeable than what we are. Unfortunately alot of what is written or produced for television or other media is really dumbed down to some imaginary lowest common denominator.

Wikipedia provides an opportunity to make sense of chaos and a great bridge between information for laypeople and detailed scientific information for enthusiasts and professionals, and hopefully help upskill several hundred thousand interested readers in the meantime.


Frederick Manson Bailey reported in 1913 that the indigenous people of Stradbroke Island knew it as bumbar.[1]

Australian plant notable pages missing[edit]

many eucalyptus, hakea, acacia and melaleuca species,


Grevillea cultivars such as 'Coconut Ice', 'Fire Sprite', 'Golden Yul-lo', 'Misty Pink', 'Orange Marmalade', 'Sandra Gordon', any Poorinda cultivar

Banksia integrifolia gets 20-30 hits a day Banksia gets around 100 Grevillea gets 40-160 eucalyptus gets 1,300 gets 200 Grevillea banksii gets 10-15 gets around 60 Kalbarri NP gets 10-20

Ten random pages on 21 June 2014[edit]

A test on the state of wikipedia. Let's see. Cas Liber (talk · contribs)

  1. .Spare a Copper de-stubbed it. Hard to get enthused about much else....removed imdb and an adverb....
  2. Athletics at the 1973 Summer Universiade ...hmm, no refs
  3. Malaye Jaziri
  4. Haruspex brevipes
  5. John Wainwright (Medal of Honor)
  6. Thomas Fredrik Olsen
  7. Marcell Allmond
  8. Buxton Park Arboretum
  9. Eusebio Bava
  10. Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu


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