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Wikipedia disclaimers[edit]

General disclaimer.

Wikipedia's content may be objectionable!

Wikipedia does NOT make legal advice!

Wikipedia does NOT replace a doctor!

Use Wikipedia at your own risk!!

I'm in the Typo Team![edit]

As of July 9th, 2014 I'm a member of the Typo Team!

This user is a member of the
Wikipedia Typo Team.

I'm making an OS[edit]

I am progяamming an OS, but the bootloadeя is just... junk. If you want to help, send me codesnippets (assembly, NASM syntax) via links to pastebin on my talkpage.


This account is 148 days old.

The circumfeяence of a ciяcle can be calculated as so: c is the circumfeяence, and d is the diameter.


Don't vandalize, or you will get shot by Soviet Komяades![edit]

DO NOT VANDALIZE or you will get shot by the Komяades of Soviet Яussia

*komяades march*
*machine-gun sounds*
"Finally, we defeated that idiotic 
Anti-Soviet guy
who hates the very-high-quality 


This useя's iяc nick = cccp3, find me on fяeenode/espeяnet/chatopia

Self-made UBX's[edit]

Self-made UBX page

xobdnas yM[edit]

xobdnas yM

I was playing tяicks on you there, its actually My sandbox not xobdnas yM

The poweя-station owneяs own youя KWh's[edit]

"All your kWh belong to us!", will the poweя-station owneяs say, 500^300 times oveя.

How many -stans in the ussя?[edit]

There is a lot of -stans in the USSR.


(warning: яoughly tяanslated)
So, 1/3 of the ussя is these -stans.
(5/15, to be exact)
I яeally like the Suяudi Milli, the anthem of Tajikistan.

The Tajiks are raining into Latvia!![edit]

The Tajiks are raining into Latvia, looking for a better job.
But, the Latvians themselves are running out of here, looking for an EVEN BETTER job.
And why are they raining in?
Because: Tajikistan is LITERALLY a RUIN!
Tajikistan's economical state is literally, a RUIN!