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Hello, I am Cenarium, a user from the English Wikipedia. Here, I like to participate in policy discussions and proposals, as well as some technical aspects, and contribute to content when I have the occasion.

Most notably, I pioneered the concept of using the FlaggedRevs extension as a form of conditional page protection similar to semi-protection. Technically, I proposed that edits by all autoconfirmed users, and not only by reviewers as in classic FlaggedRevs, be automatically accepted when the previous revision was already accepted ; while in terms of policy, I proposed that the use be targeted to demonstrably problematic pages as with semi-protection, instead of a large-scale preventive use as in classic FlaggedRevs proposals. This shifted the paradigm and I think was the main reason that the then perennially rejected FlaggedRevs gained acceptance on the English Wikipedia. I first proposed it for a trial (it was then called flagged protection) and after some adventures, it ended up being implemented on a permanent basis, and is now termed pending changes. I also proposed the related patrolled revisions, a passive technical aid for patrolling changes, and deferred revisions, a system by which revisions flagged by the edit filter as suspect are deferred for review, both are still in development.

I also helped to draft the policy for the BLP PROD, created the BLP editintro which is a policy notification displayed when editing BLPs, suggested the creation of a specific namespace for 'books' to better regulate them, and worked to improve the categorization and signalization of protected pages.

If you want to contact me, don't hesitate to leave me a message on my talk page. You may also email me if you feel the matter is confidential, though this is a Wikipedia-exclusive email that I rarely consult. I'm an admin so I can help you for most administrative tasks, though I tend to be largely inactive at the moment, see also here for how to get assistance.

See /About for a disclaimer. Also see /Bugs, /Projects, /Links, /Sandbox. For the organization of my userspace, see here. Some links: Special:PendingChanges, Special:StablePages, Special:AbuseFilter, Special:Tags, WP:FAC, WP:RFA, WP:AC/N, WP:Signpost.

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