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Sweet Ohm

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Current projects:

I'm Paul, also User:Evilriggr an account I set up to counter User:Godriggr. It didnt end well; I ended up dying for your sins. I love and hate Paul Simon and Chevy Chase in equal measures. I'm in a relationship with the delightful User:Kafka Liz, interested in pictures, sound and stones, and can't spell for hell. She is moving to Ireland later this month, and I will be happliy retiring from this place. I liked the collaborative aspect of wiki and have been honoured to work with, amongst others Victoriaearle‎ the dilgent, the highly perspective and lovely Riggr Mortis, my friend Modernist, the hugely knowledgeable + sound JNW, Johnbod (who sets the standard for VA editors), Mick gold the surprising, mr charming Lithoderm, and the fabulous, facinating Cocolacoste. Amongst others that have been helpful; Yannismarou, Awadewitz, Rurfish, Cas Liber, Brianbolton.

A bastard's guide to writing a featured article[1]'

People that I've not worked with but respect include Geogre, Crisco 1492, Vigilant, Moni3, Yomangan, John, Amandajm, Giano, SlimVirgin, MONGO, Tony1, Dan Murphy, Cynwolf, Somey, Wetman, Alison, Fram, Wehwalt, Rurfish, Cas Liber, Dogbiscut and above all SandyGeorgia, a sadly missed guiding light. These are the people, for better or worse, who have the whole wiki thing worthwile and rich, and make me feel proud to have been part of the same thing, and that I aspired to during my 8 years here. Some hope haha <cough> We were honoured to have NYB and Risker for so long on arbcom, voices of reason; though I understand why they retired, I fear that this place with out them as a final voice will become more of a bear pit. I actively dislike and dont respect about 75% of the current arb and admin crop.

I realise that showing stars on my user page is a bit distasteful, but given I have such a colurful block log, I sort of had to. So ahem...Articles what I started: