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Personal Information[edit]

  • Name: Hamish Paul Wilson
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Twenty
  • Date of Birth: May 13, 1994
  • Location: Farm near Seba Beach, Alberta Canada
  • Religion: Atheist
  • Politics: Marxist

Computer Specifications:[edit]


Piga Software[edit]

I am the BDFL of Piga Software, which is a small free software development team. Currently we have four programs released, an arcade game for Microsoft Windows based on the web comic Brogo called Donut Quest, a Linux TV-out utility, a Halloween pumpkin carving game, and most recently our retro arcade game Windys. Our most well known project is Free Empires, a free Age of Empires clone we are making using Gambas for Linux and similar systems. We are also working on various other Gambas games and programs, as well as a new version of Donut Quest.

Blood Wiki[edit]

I am the head moderator of the Blood Wiki which is devoted to the Blood series of computer games created by Monolith Productions. This wiki was mostly created to document the games large storyline and significant fan community, as well as the games features and game play. The site also host lots of fan media, including several fan works by me under the name Tome of Blood. I am also a moderator on the Warren Zevon Wiki and on Tongue Tied.

Notable Contributions[edit]

Articles I originally started:

Sections I started:

Articles I have done major work on:

Articles I helped Save:

My Computer Gallery[edit]