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Mother Tongue[edit]

Formal Education[edit]

  • UK History Degree: MA Hons (Cantab) acquired in return for a BA Hons (Cantab) and a modest fee
  • UK Accountancy qualification (ACA).

Informal Education[edit]

  • Going Places
  • Listening (the tough one)


  • Much of what I can understand and some of what I can't and/or don't and/or won't
  • Historical Context and Perspectives
  • Places
  • Languages
  • Cars
  • Food
  • Ancestors

Wiki Strengths / Wiki Weaknesses[edit]

  • Interest in Knowledge
  • Caution about opinions (especially those I don't share)
  • Caution about unconsidered base assumptions acquired while growing up (or not: especially other folks')
  • Pedantic
  • Tolerant (or?...)
  • Still bad at succinct (but still working on it)
  • Excessive weakness for ill considered aphorisms (evidenced by the irritating little boxes to the right)
  • Parentheses (brackets)


  • Coffee
  • Threat of various incipient wiki related conditions
  • GeoGuessr

My Wikipedia history


I have been photographing cars, in less hectic periods of my life, for more than 40 years. There have been those who have found the habit eccentric or worse. Opportunities presented by Wikipedia induced me to rediscover the addiction with renewed vigo(u)r. The pictures of cars I have uploaded to Wikipedia are uploaded either because I think they are good pictures or because - at least when I uploaded the picture in question - they were "better" than any existing pictures of the car in question on Wikipedia. "Better" here is, of course, in large part a subjective judgement. Naturally I try and take pictures the way I like them: who wouldn't? But lighting conditions and surrounding streetscapes do not always cooperate.

Pictures by Charles01 of cars