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Riding a street luge through the mall

My name is Charles. I've been editing articles on Wikipedia since 2002. (#169)

I used to be mildly active, but have now busied myself so much with other facets of my life — work, home, children, community involvement — that I don't regularly log into wikipedia to make regular edits.

I do occasionally revert vandalism and the like, though, to be honest, I've usually been doing so anonymously.

I started on Wikipedia before there seemed to be a style manual, or namespaces, or the long list of best practices that currently exist. There were personal messages from fellow authors greeting new folk, but no awards filling user pages, no auto greeting bots (or bots at all). Who could have ever believed it is what it has become today?

Articles I had some interest in historically:

...and a number of minor edits on pages related thereto.

The wonderful thing about Wikipedia is that, years after first editing these or creating some of these, they is much improvement upon what I wrote or added, but I can still see fingerprints of things I had done. There's something comforting in that.

What keeps me busy: