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♥ User Profile ♥
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General Info
Name Taurena
User~Name Chibi-anime-Girl
Signature Amulet Heart
Nickname Tory
Gender Female (GIRL)
Born July 30, 1995. It isn't any of your business though.
Character~Change Unhappy or depress = character change
Height 5'3"
Hair~color Almost Brown (Dark Blond)
Eye~color Blue-Green
Occupation Student
Hobbies ...watching anime, drawing, writing, reading. And I play the piano.
Personality A bit shy, but usually happy ♥
Color Red

I, Tory, aka Amulet Heart, am a Canadian Girl. I love anime, manga, and music! I can't imaging life without music, it is one of the most wonderful things. I'm not dead yet so I can't put that date here. (By the way, Tory is just my nickname.)
I like reading, writing, gaming, playing the piano, and many other things. I'm also really enjoying Wikipedia and being a Wikipedian!
I moved most of the info about me to this page so if you would like to know more about me than what is here you can read it on that page! And the userboxes that were once on this page are now here.
By the way, please sign my guest book. If you'd like to talk to me, please leave a message on my talk page. (I know I said it twice but I'm just so proud of myself xP) Umm and please try finding my secret page.

Wikipe-tan head.png This user is an inactive participant of WikiProject Anime and Manga.
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My secret page, nee?

Name Change[edit]

As of July 20th, 2008, my username has been changed. You may have already noticed it but maybe not, because of the fact that my signature name isn't the same as my old username. Anyway, my new username matches my signature name, Amulet Heart. Its easier for me to type, also, and makes it easier for me to sign in. :)


I'm TRYING to do the best I can with editing wikipedia but I have messed up a few times and my edits were reverted... BUT I'M STILL TRYING, ANYWAY!!
I believe I'm getting better at editing now. If you have some kind of concern you can look through my comtributions. But you'll likely notice I'm doing the best I can.
All of my edits are in good faith. I am trying my hardest, but it seems that despite my efforts I still mess up sometimes. I guess I understand why some of my edits were reverted.
Right now I'm mainly trying to improve the InuYasha character's pages, seeing as they still seem to need quite a lot of work. What I'm aiming at right now is to eventually be awarded the Anime and manga BarnSakura, it is the one award that I want more than any other award.

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