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Mission statement[edit]

I am motivated to write because the best way to learn a subject is by writing about it. I will not wait until I become an expert before I attempt to contribute to a subject. This is unfortunate but as it has been said, if I try to write something perfect, I will never get around to finishing it. Having said this, I will make a honest attempt to gain a reasonable non-expert understanding before I attempt to further "pollute" wikipedia with my contributions. I will also make honest attempts to write in a clear and organized manner, even though I am no poet.

I am mainly interested in learning about science and technology, especially related to the fields of nanotechnology, biomedical engineering and green technology. So my footprints will hopefully be found in these types of articles.

Chibibrain (talk) 14:48, 19 August 2009 (UTC)

How to edit[edit]

The one stop shop for brushing up on wikipedia principles, rules, instructions, tips, templates, and editing tools is Wikipedia:Quick directory. There is a Wikipedia Toolbar for firefox with buttons for browsing, editing and following articles. Also check out the AutoWikiBrowser here.