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My edits in English-Wikipedia by namespace (including their talk pages) as of 26 January 2015; approx. 29.5% of these were semi-automated
  Mainspace (39.56%)
  User (39.65%)
  Wikipedia (16.53%)
  Draft (2.45%)
  Other (1.81%)
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The Signpost
21 January 2015
The Bugle
Issue CVI – January 2015

Published by the Military history WikiProject

My courses as Campus Ambassador[edit]

Articles I've created[edit]

The Raising of Lazarus (Rembrandt) Alonzo Davis
Dragon Seed (novel) National archives
Miniscule 3686 James Brown (Elvis impersonator)

Work for UCR

For WikiExperts
Len Forkas Gabe Zichermann

Rewrites or major contributions[edit]

Rihla Lord Kitchener Wants You
Gail Boggs Ernest C. Brace Vladimír Remek
Rudy Boesch Human Resources (Non-Profit)

PS, The Preventive Maintenance Monthly

"I believe that when editing divisive articles, one should remember that Wikipedia is, ultimately, a website; it is not worth becoming so emotionally invested over that it spoils enjoyment of other areas of life."

SuperMarioMan in his RfA.

"Whatever Wikipedia as a community is doing, it is more of a vehicle for contributors' self-indulgence than it is a concerted endeavour to bring free knowledge to the world."

Andreas Kolbe in an article for Wikipediocracy

What else[edit]