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Centralized discussion
  • An RfC about whether or not the opt-in requirement should be removed from the enwiki edit counter.
  • A proposal to reimplement the Main Page with an alternative framework.
  • An RfC regarding changing the username policy to allow role accounts.
  • A discussion on ways to improve the "Today's featured article requests" system.
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The Yeoman lv 2, Awarded for being a Registered Editor for 13 months 15 days and completion of 4,500 edits

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The Signpost
9 April 2014

My courses as Campus Ambassador[edit]

Articles I've created[edit]

The Raising of Lazarus (Rembrandt)
Dragon Seed (novel)
Miniscule 3686

Rewrites or major contributions[edit]

Ernest C. Brace
Rudy Boesch
Lord Kitchener Wants You

"I believe that when editing divisive articles, one should remember that Wikipedia is, ultimately, a website; it is not worth becoming so emotionally invested over that it spoils enjoyment of other areas of life."

SuperMarioMan in his RfA.

"Most admins don't actually investigate anything, they just block people to shut them up. The real problems go ignored for years on end. In fact, that's my primary issue with Wikipedia administration, they don't actually do anything except push the mop to spread the dirt around to make the place "look" clean. This is a common bureaucratic tactic and also, interestingly enough, the unwritten esprit de corps of the techno-libertarian admin demographic. Don't actually do anything, just push the dirt around. The bottom line is, the only way you can get anything done in a large, leader-less bureaucracy that lacks imagination and vision is to make numerous, small incremental changes to the underlying policies and guidelines."

Viriditas in a message to a fellow Wikipedian

"Whatever Wikipedia as a community is doing, it is more of a vehicle for contributors’ self-indulgence than it is a concerted endeavour to bring free knowledge to the world."

Andreas Kolbe in an article for Wikipediocracy
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