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Life Story[edit]

Welcome! My name is Chrissy Marie. I was born in Worcester, MA and grew up in Boylston, MA, Enfield, CT, Manlius, NY and Rockaway, NJ. I attended Morris Knolls High School and am a member of the Class of 1996.

I attended Rowan University and I am now a teacher living in Middletown, CT with my polydactyl calico cat Mittens.

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Articles I've Created or Majorly Contributed To[edit]

Mo Rocca Wadsworth Falls Army of Freshmen


NRHP Articles Created or Contributed To[edit]

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reading, writing, singing, acting, all things internet, hiking, letterboxing, violin

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Annual NaNoWriMo participant (Winner 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008)

Books I've read this year:

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