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Battle Dawn
Developer(s) Tacticsoft
Engine Flash
Platform(s) Platform independent
Release date(s) First Released: June 2006[1]. "New Client": June 2009
Genre(s) Turn Based Strategy, PBBG

Battle Dawn is a Strategy Massively Multiplayer Online Persistent Browser-Based Game (PBBG) which is set in a post-apocalyptic Earth. The game was developed by Tacticsoft with the development team headed by "Michael", founder of Tacticsoft.

Battle Dawn's interface is written in Actionscript 3, with previous versions being written in Actionscript 2, and is playable in most modern browsers with Flash 9 or higher installed.


Old Client

Battle Dawn was first released in June 2006 with one game server, "Earth 1", with another server, "Earth 2" being released in late January 2007. Since then it has grown to 12 servers on the "old client" - Including a collection of Mars Servers (Mars 1-5) based on a different map to the earth servers. Additionally, there has been several large game play updates. Including the "Relic" update[2] - adding a Collection objective - any alliance collecting all 10 relics on the server "wins" the server, and the server is reset.

New Client right|150px|thumb|A picture of the Battle Dawn "New Client" interface. On the 1st June 2009, marking the 3 year "birthday" of Battle Dawn, the "New Client" was released. A new Client, the graphical interface used to interact with and play Battle Dawn, was released and the "Old Client" servers discontinued (Although rounds that were still running continued to run until the end of their eras). The first server on the new client was, again, Earth 1, followed by Earths 2-4 in the next month. The new client is also fully integrated with the forums, meaning that game accounts are used on the forums, and vice versa - Also, in the new client you only require one game account regardless of the amount of servers you play on, this is different to the old client in which each server was independent[3].



Battle Dawn is a turn based strategy game- it has "ticks" (or "turns") - on which resources are gained, units are built, squads move, battles happen and so on. Everything in the game that has a duration has a number of ticks - the amount of time it takes for that thing to happen. There are different types of servers, currently there are 30 minute/tick and 1 hour/tick servers - which correspond to the amount of real life time that every tick takes.

The Maps

The original version of Battle Dawn comprised entirely of one map: Earth, and currently this is the only map avaliable on the New Client - With Mars Map servers being released further down the line (Release date: TBD) as well as a Fantasy style map (Release date: TBD). The varying maps offer both different land positions and different unit types.


Battle Dawn has four resource types; Metal, Oil, Energy and Workers: Metal is used for the production of units and building of structures. Oil is used to move squads as well as also use secondarily in structures. Energy is used for gaining intelligence (By using scans) as well as other Intel operations, such as spies. Workers are used to produce Metal and Oil - Each Tick resources are gained, the more workers you have and the higher level of your resource structures, the more resources you gain.

Units right|150px|thumb|A picture of Battle Dawn colonies and outposts. There are 27 (33) units avaliable to choose from. These are produced by choosing a Chassis, a Weapon Type and an Upgrade. The Chassis types are Infantry, Vehicle and Tank, the weapon types are Concussive, Beam and Explosive and the Upgrades are armour, damage and range. Additionally, in the old client (and soon to be implemented in the new client) units can gain experience which gives them bonuses such as extra HP (Hit points), extra damage or extra range. Units are put into squads, with a max 30 "soldiers" (10 tanks, 15 vehicles or 30 infantry) in them, and are moved around in a small "ship" structure by the player. The units can be made to move to allied locations (Colonies or outposts, as shown right) or attack enemy locations. Combat has no random factor, nor any user intervention mid-combat.

Objectives The objective of Battle Dawn is for you and your alliance to collect the 10 "relics" - these are floating battleships or aircraft carrier-type outposts that are movable and can be used as a mobile base of operations for the owning alliances. When the 10 Relics have been collected, or after a set amount of time (as set by the world administrator) the world ends and is reset.


The staff consists of the Dev team, World Admins[1] and Forum Moderators (Which are again subdivided into Junior, Normal and Senior Moderator groups). The Forum team are all volunteers while the Dev team (Including Michael, owner of Tacticsoft) and the World Admins are paid for their work. The team is spread about throughout the world, with Tacticsoft being based in Israel, Two world admins in the USA, one world admin in canada as well as a broad range of locations in the moderation team, Including Britain, Canada, Portugal and Mexico. A large majority of the staff (including paid staff) haven't met one-another "face-to-face".


Battle Dawn is run entirely off Player Support[1] and advertising. In the new client, a user can purchase tokens using real life currency which are then spent on bonuses, such as bonus Metal, Oil, Energy, Workers or an increased resource cap.


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