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Hi! This is cimanyD's user page.

To contact me, please use my user talk page. (Click here!) If you leave a message between 9 PM and 8 AM (my time), don't expect a response from me until the next morning. My current time is on one of my userboxes, near the bottom.

I am cimanyD, not CimanyD or Cimanyd.


I once had an account named dffgd, but I got bored with Wikipedia, left in August 2010 and quickly forgot my password. Between then and when I made this account, I occasionally edited as an IP address. (For instance, I've done plenty of work on List of Nitrome Limited games.) In August 2011, I decided to create this account, cimanyD.


  • /*: Some barnstar variations of mine.
  • /ads: My ten favorite ads, one of which is randomly shown at the top of this page.
  • /awards: Links to barnstars and food in my archives.
  • /funny: Funny or humorous stuff.

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