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Anthropology Wikipedia Project
Motto Don't Anger the WikiGnomes
Purpose To Improve Wikipedia of course...
Region served The Known Universe (plus a little extra)
Official language Pascal, TeX and Forth
Fearless Leader Clay

Welcome to my home page.

I'm an anthropologist, programmer, and writer.

Pages I created[edit]



How to Build A Wikipedia Page[edit]

Building Wikipedia Pages is easy to do. If you need help, refer to the helpful tips in the Wikipedia Tutorial or ask in class.

There is also a Wikipedia Cheatsheet

Anthropology Wikipedia Project[edit]

This page has two goals:

  1. To provide a more interesting outlet for students to conduct anthropology research by providing them with a real avenue through which to publish their work.
  2. To improve the quality of existing Wikipedia pages or create new pages with citations in order to make these entries more academically reliable.

Example Pages[edit]


Hmong Women and Childbirth Practices

Women in Ancient Sparta

Garifuna & Miskito (Gender Relations Sections)

Yanomamo Women

Example Section (on Turtle Exploitation)[edit]

The Vezo have a long history of subsistence turtle exploitation and associated cultural traditions. By local law, turtles are protected under Decree 24 passed in 1923, but this law has seldom been enforced. The low reproductive potential and delayed sexual maturity of turtles make all species unsuitable for intensive harvest.[1] Even as far back as the early twentieth century, it has been reported that turtles play an important role to Malagasy fisheries. There has been a decline in numbers of the hawksbill turtle and the disappearance of nesting populations. The raiding of the turtle nestsand hunting for the meat and carapaces are believed to be the fundamental causes of decline for four of the five species in the region. [2]