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I forgot my password. I had an email address with, but the domain name was sold, and all email accounts are gone. So I can't get in to Lugnad. If you have a solution, please tell me. Previously I edited as ClemMcGann, which redirects to Lugnad. I now edit as ClemMacGána. So If you want me, go to User:ClemMacGána

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Restoring Old Mariners' Church
(now the Maritime Museum)

by "real life" I mean the museum, reopened 3 April 2012, after being closed for seven years! - do come and visit!

You can contact me at the National Maritime Museum [1]
where I often am a guide. I am no longer a director of the museum. I am involved with [2] 'an on-line resource for Irish Maritime History'.

The museum is open every day, 11am to 5pm

I made my first edit on Wikipedia on 1 March 2005
on 10 August 2005, I created my first two articles: the Belfast Blitz and Series B Banknotes (Ireland).
"Dublin Memorial"
"Belfast Commemoration"
"3rd Sunday in November"
"2nd Sunday in May"

Since then, I created:

Sunday 8 May 2011

"Lugnad's Stone"

read [3] for the story of the original Lugnad.

This fifth century stone, in the shape of a boat's rudder,
marks the grave of Lugnad, helmsman to St Patrick.

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