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This is the account for the Labor Archives of Washington, University of Washington Libraries Special Collections. LAW was founded to preserve the records of working people and their unions and to serve as a center for historical research, ensuring that new generations have access to the rich labor history of the region. A unit of the Special Collections Department of the University of Washington Libraries, the Labor Archives is free and open to the public. LAW is a collaborative project of the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies and the University of Washington Libraries. Funding for the Archives comes largely from the labor movement. The contributions of dozens of unions and hundreds of individuals make this possible. While the contributions come from the labor community, the project is part of the University of Washington Libraries and seeks to advance the Libraries' mission of "advanc[ing] intellectual discovery and enrich[ing] the quality of life by connecting people with knowledge" and the University of Washington's mission to "discover and disseminate knowledge, and protect the freedom of inquiry through research, teaching, and learning." The Labor Archives contains more than 200 separate collections of labor related materials from individuals and organizations documenting the local, national and international dimensions of the labor movement in the Pacific Northwest.