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Wiki Conference NYC![edit]

WikiNYC 2014!

Ok, ok, it's time[edit]

to write something meaningful...

and make it pretty, so read up on Columns:
I gotta put something here:
I gotta put something here.
I gotta put something clever here.
I gotta put some bling here. Nope, now I'm putting some bling here.

I gotta figure out, and maybe someday master, wiki markup. While I'm at it why not figure out and master:

XHTML, and all the other semantic stuff
Google Analytics
Affiliate Marketing
Transcend my current advanced amateur vim skills...humm this looks interesting...
While I'm @ it...learn Python.
add to this list
I'd really like to fully (or at least better) understand:
the relationships between and among the various Wikimedia Foundation Projects


Learn how to use Category Tree[edit]

What should this show: {{category tree all|mode=categories or pages or all or parents|depth=0, 1 or more|hideroot=on or off|showcount=on or off|header=user-defined header}} – uses more of the categorytree tag parameters (see for details): see:

{{category tree all|mode=all |depth=2, 1 or more|hideroot=on or off|showcount=on or off|header=this is the headddder; right?}}

this is the headddder; right?
nothing found

My Subpages[edit]

Here are my User Subpages (this is a caption, displayed @ the top of the list of subpapes; right?)
CmdrDan/12 Years A Slave CmdrDan/Appending Data CmdrDan/Art Project
CmdrDan/Art Project/Artist TOC Analysis of Featured Artists in Wikipedia:WikiProject Visual arts CmdrDan/Articles that need Pictures CmdrDan/Audience Suggestion Box Questions
CmdrDan/Books/ArtHistFinal CmdrDan/Books/Art History CmdrDan/Books/Blouin Top 22 Artists
CmdrDan/Books/ColdWarReading CmdrDan/Books/Data Scientists CmdrDan/Books/Disasters
CmdrDan/Books/Fifty States CmdrDan/Books/New York History CmdrDan/Books/New York History-proto for Ben
CmdrDan/Books/WikiVoyage-Test CmdrDan/Breakage CmdrDan/Category; Guest of...
CmdrDan/Category Tools CmdrDan/ChangingUsername CmdrDan/Chapters
CmdrDan/Clive Bares Award CmdrDan/College Newspapers CmdrDan/College and University Navboxes
CmdrDan/Collegiate Trinity Continious Operation CmdrDan/Copyright CmdrDan/Dimming Lights On Broadway
CmdrDan/Dorchester Towers CmdrDan/Edie Brickell-MultipleInfobox-substr CmdrDan/Equestrian Sports
CmdrDan/Folk Art CmdrDan/Forbes Global 2000/2013 (May) CmdrDan/GenderCategories
CmdrDan/HBO Documentaries to Add CmdrDan/How can I do this/Get inline Category Counts CmdrDan/How can I do this/Sort my user pages
CmdrDan/I want to CmdrDan/I want to/Undo Last Edit in Evernote CmdrDan/I want to/Uninstall Apps via Google Play
CmdrDan/Improved Episode List CmdrDan/Infoboxes are Great, but they're a mess CmdrDan/Jimmy Fallons Do Not Read List
CmdrDan/Julie Foucher CmdrDan/Ken Cuccinelli CmdrDan/Landmark West!
CmdrDan/Lester Wunderman CmdrDan/List of AIGA medalists CmdrDan/List of Coney Island Royalty
CmdrDan/List of New York City parks (unified format) CmdrDan/List of PBS NewsHour Episodes CmdrDan/List of Television Shows with Episodes Lists on Wikipedia
CmdrDan/List of books banned by governments CmdrDan/Marching Bands CmdrDan/Marge Schott
CmdrDan/NBC News Presidents CmdrDan/NTL5 CmdrDan/NYC Non-Profits
CmdrDan/NYU History and Traditions CmdrDan/Navbox:Syracuse University CmdrDan/Navbox Discussion
CmdrDan/Open Data, Laws and Regulations CmdrDan/PageCollector CmdrDan/Peter J. Johnson, Jr.
CmdrDan/Physics Parodies CmdrDan/Projects CmdrDan/Projects/Articles that should be geocoded
CmdrDan/Projects/Articles that should not be geocoded CmdrDan/Projects/Legal Humor CmdrDan/Projects/Personalizing Wikipedia
CmdrDan/Projects/WP Best Practices or Conventions CmdrDan/Retrograde CmdrDan/Ronald L. Zarrella
CmdrDan/Ronnie Eldridge CmdrDan/Sandbox CmdrDan/Set-Top Box
CmdrDan/Skins, Gadgets, and Widgets, Oh my! CmdrDan/Sports Families CmdrDan/Steve's Interests; Places to start on Wikipedia
CmdrDan/Stylin Your Userpage CmdrDan/Subpage Usage Examples CmdrDan/Substitute Test
CmdrDan/Table Formatting CmdrDan/Talks2Give Talks2Make CmdrDan/Template:2010 Academy Award Nominees for Best Documentary
CmdrDan/Template:2011 Academy Award Nominees for Best Documentary CmdrDan/Template:2012 Academy Award Nominees for Best Documentary CmdrDan/Template:2013 Academy Award Nominees for Best Documentary
CmdrDan/Template:2013 Academy Award Nominees for Best Picture CmdrDan/The Daily of the University of Washington CmdrDan/The Museum of American Armor
CmdrDan/The New York Bank for Savings CmdrDan/ToDo CmdrDan/To Do
CmdrDan/Tonight Show Mathematics CmdrDan/TranscludeSectionTestSource CmdrDan/Update Sandbox Docs
CmdrDan/Using/Catscan2 CmdrDan/Using/Mangus' Tools/ CmdrDan/Vera Stretz
CmdrDan/WP Front Ends CmdrDan/What's This?
CmdrDan/WikiData Username Change Request CmdrDan/WikiProjects--why does signup process vary CmdrDan/Wiki News:Dead or Alive
CmdrDan/Wikipedia Docs CmdrDan/Wikipedia Documentation CmdrDan/Wikipedia and Zotero
CmdrDan/William Marsteller CmdrDan/Women's Hotels CmdrDan/common.css
CmdrDan/common.js CmdrDan/customization CmdrDan/ms filmography with runtimes
CmdrDan/pageCollectorPages CmdrDan/radio template Talk CmdrDan/sandbox
CmdrDan/sandbox/Articles to Watch CmdrDan/sandbox/frontline-gen-like CmdrDan/vector.js
User talk:
CmdrDan/Books/ColdWarReading CmdrDan/List of New York City parks (unified format) CmdrDan/Table Formatting
CmdrDan/Template:2013 Academy Award Nominees for Best Picture CmdrDan/monobook.js

I want to do some analysis on categories; on the pages in categories. More precisely, I want to be able to analyze pages in categories by a number of measures.

I want to be able to generate date from pages in categories and display this data in spreadsheets kinda like this:

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