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If you're reading this, then you might be wondering:

  • Hey, I think I've seen you before!

I've edited here for quite a while now, having different accounts in the past several years I've also edited semi-anonymously in multiple places, thus using various IP addresses. I've made an account for convenience.

  • Hey, you're stalking me!

I like reading about a wide variety of topics, and it's very likely that I've just so happened to interact with you across several pages because I'm interested in the same things you are.

  • That name sounds familiar!

It's a reference to the cultural / socio-economic / political libertarian podcast Coffee And Markets.

  • Hey, you're very biased!

I'm a human being, and- like all of them- I come from a certain perspective and have a lot of biases. I try my best to be objective when I contribute to articles, however. I think there's nothing wrong with editors having strong viewpoints on things. What's important is talking things out in a civil manner.

In terms of disclosure, I'd call myself a 'libertarian conservative independent' with broadly free-market views in vein with the Chicago school of economics and a soft spot for religiously-minded social solidarity. I tend to take more moderate and case-by-case views on things than otherwise. Almost everything has some nuance. I like to call myself a 'Libertarian with sanity,' to borrow from Ed Koch.

For example, I'm a clear believer on the issue of global warming that it's real, that it's happening, that it's significantly human caused, and that responses should be undertaken. However, I loathe the idea of having governments use this as an excuse to restrict people's economic freedoms, especially with higher taxation. I despise antisemitism in all it's forms while also proudly support the idea of a Palestinian state with Israeli settlements broken down. I identify as a genderqueer individual, and I'm undergoing the HRT process, but I see no reason why I can't have some spirituality in me. I can go on.

In case it's not already obvious, I'm an economics student by trade, hoping to finish my Master's Degree in a matter of months. Anyways, I'm not that interested in sharing userboxes, funny pictures, and the like with this account. Please feel free to drop me a line on my talk page if you want to discuss anything.