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F. R. is an American photographer and journalist. F.R. spends his life living in Europe extensively, having spent years in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Greece. Main interests include espionage, open-source intelligence analysis and CIA history. He also maintains a large bookshelf full of books about counterintelligence operations, or in other words how to spot spies and neutralize them. F. R. is very protective of his privacy, as he and his family have worked as agents for multiple governments' intelligence agencies, including military intelligence agencies, counterintelligence agencies, and signals intelligence agencies.

Tania enjoys wikipeding! Those who like her work and wish to help her do more can paypal her or bitcoin her donations. People can find Tania by facebooking her, skyping her, flickring her or deviantarting her.

Uriel says that photography is the truth, and nobody can hide the truth.

Frank Eel is an American photographer and he says that photography is free speech and nobody has the right to not be photographed in public or in private areas in which the photographer has entered legally. Mr Eel says that in free democratic countries, there is no expectation of privacy in public, including in public nude beaches. Frank Eel believes that people who try to restrict photographers in doing their job commit a crime against the photographer's freedom of speech and against the whole society's and future generation's education, need to know, and preservation of social history. Frank Eel firmly maintains that individuals who harass photographers or attempt to avoid the publication of photos in which they appear should be punished with the death penalty or lifetime imprisonment.

Rania knows Mr Eel's beliefs and she agrees with some of them, but doesn't agree with the idea that those who don't want to be photographed in public should face the death penalty or lifetime imprisonment. However, she says that photographers do not attack the privacy of the people they take pictures of, photographers serve the truth and nobody can hide the truth. Rania believes that people in the community, people in other countries, and people of the future generations will expand their worldview and their education through the photographers' photos. Rania explains that photographs are a vehicle of information and photographers communicate their own experiences through their photos, as the photos capture what they have seen with their own eyes. Miss Rania firmly believes that an individual appearing in a photo and wishing to avoid being photographed or seeing the photo published should just cover their face with their hand or offer to pay the photographer money in exchange for a legal contract in which the photographer will agree to refrain from publishing the photos for a certain period of time, let's say 10 or 20 years.