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If you want to know more about coldacid the person (as opposed to the Wikipedia editor) visit my website, in which you can find many interesting (and not so interesting) details about myself, as well as technical articles and works of fiction which I have painstakingly crafted. If you'd rather just know the part of me that lurks here and edits articles seemingly at random, please read on.

I'm an on-again off-again kind of editor, but I can really sink my jaws into some articles here. I've created and heavily revised a number of articles here, and have also created a variety of userboxes. The number one thing I'm working on at the moment is improving the Toastmasters International article.

I have my complaints and issues about Wikipedia (mostly related to bureaucracy and fair use paranoia) but I don't let that stop me from making my own improvements to the content. I've considered leaving the project in the past, and whenever I become a bit too melancholy, such thoughts are quick to return. As a font of information, Wikipedia would be so much better were it not for people of bureaucratic inclinations who are too heavily focused on the notion of notability, when rather they should focus on whether something is factual.

Wikipedia interests and activities[edit]

  • Toastmasters International (help me make it a GA-rated article!)
  • Toronto, Pickering, and historical townships and counties of Ontario
  • Ad Astra convention (I'm on the convention committee), Anime North (staffer)
  • Minor clean-up of pages (sweep, sweep)
  • Userbox creation (sorry!)
  • Making an ass of myself in discussions on controversial articles (not so sorry.)

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Pages I've started or contributed to heavily[edit]

This is not a complete list, and just because the article may be great (or crappy) now doesn't mean that I'm the reason for it. If I am responsible for such status, however, you'll see it bragged about below.

Former or minor interests[edit]

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