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About me[edit]

General comments[edit]

I generally try to keep my user page as an emdash-free zone. In the old days of typewriters, "--" was sufficient.

In real life, my name is not Henry. Further, I am not a colonel. The username is a reference to someone historical.

I tend to prefer anonymity. Only a handful of people here know who I am in real life. If people knew I was here (and so easily contacted), I'd never get any contributing done.

Apparently, some editors have thought me to be notable enough to have an article on Wikipedia and a few mentions in other articles--an occasion I regard with competing feelings of elation and dread. Though tempted, I've let it go unmolested. If it were up to me, I would have had the good sense to drown that kitten in the river long ago.

Work on Wikipedia[edit]

I tend to think that Wikipedia is very much like Lord of the Flies, although often I wonder whether Wikipedia is actually the Island of Misfit Toys.

I have an Augustinian worldview in that I prefer to pursue truth and to do so without ceasing. Truth is the higher faculty of faith and reason, and the pursuit of truth illuminates our lives and opens us to the beauty we encounter in this life. Knowledge and the dissemination of knowledge is a higher beauty. We may make mistakes from time to time--after all "to err is human"--but despite a few wrong turns we eventually fumble our way to truth.

I like to be helpful, but I don't suffer fools well. I am definitely not perfect, just as my Creator intended, and (every once in a while) quite liable to make mistakes. Impatience with others, especially fools, is one of my shortcomings in this life. I love a good debate. I am thick-skinned--it is difficult to offend or insult me, and I can take a heated argument. I believe consensus is best derived from the competition of engaged intellects not some in a namby-pamby Kumbaya therapy group. In that spirit of not letting the bastards get me down, I believe in the advice of Virgil: Durate, et vosmet rebus servate secundis. (Aeneid, 1:207).

That being said...I'm not held in high regard by the handful of sanctimonious bellyaching twits that participate at Wikipediocracy's forum. They can go fuck themselves. None of them really contribute content again, they can go fuck themselves.

I tend to write in areas that don't cause much conflict as the angst-ridden youngsters are too busy fighting about video games, tv shows, and pop-culture celebutards. Topics that interest me: poets and poetry, classical music, alcohol, religion, botany, birds, stars, food (British, German, Austrian), New Jersey, New York, Boston and New England, London, Rutgers, Princeton, history off the beaten path. Even as a kid, I aspired to be a renaissance man. My interests are vast, eclectic and cosmopolitan--my curiosity even moreso. I am often surprised by the places I am taken in following my curiosity and interests. I rarely contribute to anything that remotely relates to my degree work or day job--only to my avocational pastimes--and if I contribute to an article, it is only because I know something about it and curiosity for some reason brought me there.

I like working on articles with the intention of improving them to featured article status and good article status and have a long list of articles I'd like to get there.


  • There are eight words in English that contain all five vowels a-e-i-o-u in alphabetical order.[1] If you used the adverbial form of facetious—facetiously—you get that pesky on-again/off-again vowel y in order.
  • Almost is the longest word in English that is spelled in alphabetical order.


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  • For translations... If asked, I will be glad to translate something. While I am comfortable in German, Latin, Koine Greek, and Farsi. I love language and learning new ways to communicate. I am currently learning Old English and Frisian, and have an on-going attempt at Spanish. Several years ago, I almost committed to an effort to learn Western Armenian (which is heavily influenced by Farsi and Ancient Greek) for a girl I knew at university--that didn't work out. I have a sufficient knowledge of philology and linguistics to make an attempt at texts in other languages and if I am not able do it well, I will gladly help in finding someone qualified to do it.
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Work that speaks for itself[edit]

Awards, barnstars, and cats[edit]

I am honoured to have had my efforts recognised by my fellow Wikipedians, you can see some of their accolades HERE.

Material that I have written for Did you know hooks and featured content that appeared on the main page can be found HERE.

Work recognized[edit]

KEY: Four Award.svg = Four awardFeatured article star.svg = Featured Article (FA) or Featured List (FL) — Symbol support vote.svg = Good Articles (GA) — Symbol question.svg = Did You Know hooks (DYK) — Symbol start class.svg = Articles I started
Article TFA/TFL appearances DYK appearances Notes
Featured article star.svg Alcohol laws of New Jersey 24 April 2013 -
Featured article star.svgSymbol support vote.svg Duino Elegies 2 August 2013 -
Featured article star.svg List of colonial governors of New Jersey 14 October 2013 - -
Four Award.svg Featured article star.svgSymbol support vote.svgSymbol question.svgSymbol start class.svg Samuel Merrill Woodbridge 11 December 2013 26 September 2013 -
Featured article star.svgSymbol support vote.svgSymbol question.svg Lieutenant Governor of New Jersey 21 January 2014 19 November 2013 -
Four Award.svg Featured article star.svgSymbol support vote.svgSymbol question.svgSymbol start class.svg A Song for Simeon 3 February 2014 11 November 2013 -
Four Award.svg Featured article star.svgSymbol support vote.svgSymbol question.svgSymbol start class.svg Finn M. W. Caspersen - 23 November 2013 -
Featured article star.svgSymbol support vote.svgSymbol question.svgSymbol start class.svg Geology Hall - 6 October 2013 -
Symbol support vote.svg Angelus Silesius - - -
Symbol support vote.svg Joyce Kilmer - - -
Symbol support vote.svg Philomela - - -
Symbol support vote.svgSymbol start class.svg Casper Shafer - - -
Symbol support vote.svg Thomas Traherne - - -
Symbol support vote.svg Trees (poem) - - -
Symbol support vote.svgSymbol question.svgSymbol start class.svg Kirkpatrick Chapel - 15 September 2013 -
Symbol support vote.svgSymbol question.svgSymbol start class.svg Daniel S. Schanck Observatory - 20 October 2013 -
Symbol support vote.svgSymbol question.svg New Brunswick Theological Seminary - 27 January 2014 -
Symbol support vote.svgSymbol question.svg Poet Laureate of New Jersey - 28 February 2014 -
Symbol support vote.svgSymbol question.svgSymbol start class.svg Remember not, Lord, our offences - 5 December 2013 -
Symbol support vote.svgSymbol question.svg Meralda Warren - 17 December 2013 -
Symbol support vote.svgSymbol question.svgSymbol start class.svg William the Silent (statue) - 8 March 2014
Symbol question.svgSymbol start class.svg Queens Campus - 21 November 2013 -

Nominations pending review[edit]

Featured article candidates
Good article nominees
Peer review


When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd (added several sections, other revisions are currently a sandbox draft)
Oxford Professor of Poetry (added a table, other revisions are currently a sandbox draft)
Drew University (half-done)
Rutgers University and related articles (ongoing)
List of Rutgers University presidents (ongoing)
Poet Laureate of New Jersey (ongoing)
Journey of the Magi
Government of New Jersey
Basil Bunting
After adding some material at the Obstruction (baseball) article after the exceptional conclusion of Game 3 in the 2013 World Series, I noticed the articles on the baseball rules (MLB) across the board are horrible and need substantial work (a slow project over the next few months)
None of the articles on Christ's apostles are at GA-level. I'll try to get one improved and worthy of GA-status for each month in 2014 (plus 1...because of Matthias it's a baker's dozen)
Eventually, I'll get all 20 of the biographical articles on the Rutgers University presidents up to GA-status.
List of U.S. states' Poets Laureate
New Jersey wine
Articles regarding New Jersey wineries, breweries, distilleries and alcohol industry
Delaware River
Mann Gulch fire
Rainer Maria Rilke
Rilke: Letters to a Young Poet
Ashbery: The Skaters (poem)
Poems by T.S. Eliot
Eventually return to 16th and 17th Century metaphysical poets, topics, etc. Holy Sonnets, John Donne, Henry Vaughan, George Herbert, Richard Crashaw
Four Last Songs
List of poetry collections
I miss the "Orange Bar of Death" notifying me when I had a new talk page message.

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