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Comic master is me and Comic master is also a user of the English Wikipedia; have been since March of 2006. This is my user page and it would be appreciated if it’s treated with due respect (any issues with me personally should be taken up here).

As a Wikipedian[edit]

I became a member in March 2006, as mentioned previously. I tend to hover around articles a bit, adding information if I think I have something worth adding. I’ve created some pages in the past when I’ve been able to put together enough info, actually. I was younger then (you know what it’s like; “oh must add article on the most awesome thing ever” only it isn’t the most awesome thing ever and doesn’t deserve its own article but what’s a kid to know?). Nowadays I tend to just give my thoughts on the talk page and change things in the article if I have the go ahead/nobody objects to my suggested changes.


Mostly I’m quiet with my edits. I have branched out a bit though with some of my article contributions:

  • Asuka Langley Soryu – Provided assistance in fleshing out the ‘Conception’ section with details regarding the character's creation process and an image showing early designs for the character. This is part of a long-term project I intend to return to and finish fleshing out the character's article.
  • The Italian Job – Re-wrote the ‘Reception and Legacy’ section, which was tagged for NPOV, to provide a more balanced analysis of the film’s reception. I'm particularly proud of this.
  • Yeti (Doctor Who) - I created a 'Creation', 'Physical Characteristics' and 'Reception' section whilst writing up content for a 'History' section for the article in an effort to provide the article with points towards the subject's notability. As with The Italian Job, I'm really proud of my work on this article.
  • Thunder Oak – A page that I created
  • Cavalier (comics) – Another page that I created; I’m pleased to see that it’s been further fleshed out since then by other editors
  • Great Powers – I tend to offer my comments on any disputes and work towards some kind of consensus.

Great powers and related articles tend to suffer editorial disputes often and I tend to throw myself into those, often falling back onto my own knowledge (I will look through any sources provided by editors though before I support a change; even if the editor appears to be overtly challenging NPOV and pushing their own agenda).


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