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I work at the Department of Conservation (DOC) in New Zealand.

We would like to fix broken links to the DOC website on Wikipedia.

We would also like to place links to certain pages on the DOC website from Wikipedia where we feel these pages provide useful information for users. We would also like to link to the DOC blog which has personal, behind-the-scenes stories from people around the country who work in conservation.

We understand the importance of being open and transparent in what we are doing and we understand that links should not be added to Wikipedia for self-promotion. However we feel the pages we would link to on the DOC website provide current and relevant information which would add a substantial amount of value for users.

We are approaching Kahuroa to start the discussion on whether or not it would be acceptable for us to do this.

After raising the issue with Kahuroa, we received a reply from Gadfium who started a discussion on our user talk page. The discussion concluded with everyone being happy for us to fix broken links to the DOC website. We will now go ahead with this.