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I'm a college professor (ethnomusicology), and a big fan of the idea of a democratically maintained encyclopedia. I want to be a part of helping make sure that any information available through Wikipedia is valid and useful...helping meet not only Wikipedia's internal standards, but also to strengthen, in real-world terms, the credibility of public discourses.

I've always created class projects that allow students to learn how to do ethical and thorough research on a topic and how to properly cite sources, but more and more I've been trying to find ways for them to learn how to be part of the public feedback loop that is inherent in any kind of ethnographic study [of music; of anything!] so I've been having them update or create Wikipedia pages in lieu of a traditional research paper. For example, we're currently working on a project to update existing musical instrument stubs, and to practice describing cross-functional musical terms

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My program is located at the University of San Francisco: Performing Arts and Social Justice Program