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CyberGhostface's Sandbox
Author Joe Hill
Country United States and Canada[1]
Language English
Publisher William Morrow
Publication date
April 30, 2013[1]
Media type Print (hardcover)
Pages 720

NOS4A2 is an upcoming novel written by Joe Hill set for release on April 30, 2013.[2]

The novel is about a "vicious country rube" named Charlie Manx that happens to be 140 years old. Says Hill, "He's a very bad man with a very bad car. Bad things happen to the children who get in the car with him. These children wind up being driven to a place called Christmas Land, and if Disney Land is the happiest place on Earth, Christmas Land is the unhappiest place NOT on Earth. It's partially about people who have unnatural powers that they derive from vehicles." Hill has also discussed the possibility of a tie-in comicbook series focusing on Christmas Land.[3]

Hill's other books In The Tall Grass and Thumbprint provided different previews for NOS4A2, released October 9 and October 23 respectively.[1] Hill plans to launch a tour promoting the book but details about the tour have not been released.[1]


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Alissa Stickler discussed at length Flagg's character in her essay "The Mid(Evil) Nightmare of Yesterday and Tomorrow: Flagg as the Immortal Monster in Stephen King's The Eyes of the Dragon and The Stand": "In both his epic fantasy, The Stand, and his gothic fairy tale, The Eyes of the Dragon, Stephen King offers a contemporary medievalist interpretation on the themes of evil, magic and the (d)evil figure through the character of Flagg. Through Flagg, both as the modern leader of a destructive faction of survivors, and as the archaic magician and advisor to King Roland, King both reinforces and challenges many medieval interpretations of issues addressed, achieving a new reading of this archetypal figure." Noting that Flagg was politically powerful in both novels, Stickler believed that Flagg echoed "the fabled closeness of Merlin to the ear of Arthur", although admitting that the means and uses of Flagg's power vary between the two works. Stickler also believed that there were several notable ways in which the character of Flagg in these two novels challenged common medieval depictions of evil and witchcraft: "One fundamental difference between Flagg and the traditional immortal (d)evil is the absence of a designated alternate plain or existence of a higher power to which Flagg must appeal to his abilities." She noted that Flagg's modernist treatment as a "humanesque evil" creates a duality in Flagg which works against him as it does in his favor; Flagg possesses supernatural knowledge, but is far from infallible. "The fundamental weaknesses within this modern medievalist interpretation of the (d)evil figure suggests the formation, and even, on some levels, the acceptance of a shadowy gray area between the traditionally definitive black and white. In spite of Flagg's terrifying and supernatural power, through these fundamental faults, Stephen King, as narrator, assures the reader that there are no ultimates, no absolutes." She concluded her theory in stating that "Flagg as the medieval immortal monster of yesterday and tomorrow both challenges and reinforces many medieval perceptions, bringing to medievalism a distinctive position for viewing the Middle Ages - that of the unexplained, the magic, and the monstrous." [1]

Script [1][edit]

Perched on a stool behind the counter sits CAPTAIN SPAULDING,

              a crusty looking old man in a filthy clown suit and smeared 
              make-up. The word LOVE is tattooed across his right knuckles 
              and HATE is tattooed across the left.

MOTHER comes into view from the darkness above. She is in

              her fifties, but looks younger. A sleazy white trash queen. 
              She slowly descends the stairs.
  A PALE FIGURE creeps forward like NOSFERATU from a dark corner 
              of the room. This is OTIS.
              He stands six foot, but is deathly slim. His skin is 
              translucent, glowing in the dark. Long thin white hair covers 
              his head. His eyes are grey. He is an ALBINO.


              He is wearing a black sweater with a big red skull stitched 
              into it. A red knit ski mask covers his face. Black gloves 
              cover his hands.

In order of appearance.

Firefly Family[edit]

A family of serial killers who appear in both movies. Grandpa Hugo appears in House of 1000 Corpses but by the time of the Devil's Rejects he has died (echoing the death of the actor who played him.)

Captain Spaulding[edit]

Homicidal clown and owner of a gas station/tourist attraction with a serial killer/freak show/horror theme. He enjoys fried chicken and has an African American brother named Charlie Altamont who is a pimp. His violent personality kicks in if someone disrespects clowns. In The Devil's Rejects he is revealed to be the patriarch of the Firefly clan and the father of Baby Firefly. Throughout The Devil's Rejects Otis refers to him as "Cutter", a nickname given to him by Charlie after Spaulding committed his first murder. Spaulding's real name is Johnny Lee Johns. He is named after Groucho Marx's character in the film Animal Crackers.

Vera-Ellen "Baby" Firefly[edit]

Besides Mama Firefly, her mother, Baby is the only female member of the Firefly family. In The Devil's Rejects her father is revealed to be Captain Spaulding. In the first film, Mary Knowles describes Baby as being a "slut" and a "redneck whore", which later results in her gruesome demise. In House of 1000 Corpses she hitchhikes and lures the teenagers into visiting the farm. She shows a liking to Bill that his girlfriend Mary didn't take kindly to which prompted the four to try and leave. After they were captured, she took part in the demise of Bill that involved severing his limbs. Baby approached Jerry wearing one of the dead cheerleader's uniforms and scalped him when he failed to answer who her favorite actor was. Otis, who is the adoptive brother of Baby, was going to shoot Mary when she tried to escape at the ritual ground, but Baby insisted to go after her that resulted in Mary being stabbed to death. She escapes the police in The Devil's Rejects and goes on the rampage with her father and Otis. In the end they are shot dead by the police when trying to drive through a roadblock. In the Rob Zombie song "Pussy Liquor" it is stated that Earl (presumably Earl Firefly/"The Professor") is the biological father of both Baby and Tiny.

Tiny Firefly[edit]

The younger half-brother of Baby. Suffers from gigantism and is scarred all over because the Professor doused him in lighter fluid and set him alight when he was a child. When the four teenagers tried to leave his family house, he and Otis, who is his adoptive brother, went to attack them. Tiny pulled Denise out of their car and dragged her back in the house while Otis dealt with the rest. Tiny took Denise to his room, where the family dressed her as a doll for Halloween and offered her to him, but did not take advantage of it as he had a soft spot for women. He would however, show no signs of remorse when they were to be killed at a ritual ground that he attended. In the second film, after saving Baby from being murdered, and Otis and Spaulding from the burning Firefly manor, he does not go with the rest of the clan and enters the burning house, where he presumably burns himself to death.

Gloria "Mama" Firefly[edit]

Mama Firefly (whose real name was Gloria Firefly) was a prostitute, and the mother of Rufus, Tiny, and Baby. Baby's father is Captain Spaulding, and the father of Rufus is a man named Rufus (which is why his family calls him R.J for Rufus Junior) and the father of Tiny was Earl Firefly. It is revealed in the sequel, that Mother Firefly has a long criminal record, including several cases of prositution & theft. She is killed by Wydell in the second film, after she attempts to seduce him.

Otis B. Driftwood[edit]

Otis is the most depraved and violent member of the Firefly family. He is a sadist who makes the freaks for Captain Spaulding's museum. On two occasions he wore his victims skin as a costume and fights with Spaulding for control of the family. Although Otis is albino in the first film, Rob didn't think it would fit the style and realism of the sequel.

Otis is not a biological member of the Firefly family. Gloria "Mama" Firefly adopted him, but not legally. In the song "Pussy Liquor" the lyrics suggest that Otis' biological father's name is Dane. He is named after the Groucho Marx character in the film A Night At The Opera.

Otis was killed, right along with, "Baby", and Capt. Spaulding, after escaping their deaths and on a deserted highway. A road block was set for their capture, but they drew their guns, and started shooting, but the police had shot them to death.

Rufus T. Firefly[edit]

A member of the Firefly family, namely Tiny's older brother. Rufus was abnormally tall, and often shot down nearby cars so their drivers would have to stop by the Firefly house for help. He was a fairly minor character in House Of 1000 Corpses. In The Devil's Rejects, Rufus defended the house from police covered in homemade steel body armor. In the end of the assault, Rufus fought alone while the others retreated and was shot to death by Wydell and his men. He is named after the Groucho Marx character in the film Duck Soup.

House of 1000 Corpses[edit]


Stucky was a dirty old man that hung around with Captain Spaulding. He liked to talk about a man named Jackie Cobb, who had weird paraphilias that ranged from taking sharpened pencils and twisting it in his eyeball to sticking a Planet of the Apes doll into his anus.


Captain Spaulding's sidekick. Ravelli is a large, grotesque man who often wears a giant clown mask and is the mascot for Captain Spaulding's gas station and freak show museum. He suffers from eczema, therefore is almost always covered head to toe in a white cream. He is, like Spaulding, a crazed killer. This is confirmed when he ambushes Killer Karl and hits him in the back with a large axe.

Named after the Chico Marx character in the film Animal Crackers.

Killer Karl and Richard Wick[edit]

Two dim-witted criminals that had the misfortune of attempting to rob Captain Spaulding's gas station. The robbery doesn't go as planned when Stucky sees through Wick's disguise and taunts him and also Karl engages Spaulding in a battle of wits, while also insulting about fried chicken and clowns. Ravelli surprised Karl by jumping him from behind and hurling his axe into his back, Wick attempted to shoot Ravelli but missed. He was then shot and killed by Spaulding who proceeds to shoot Karl multiple times in the face.

Jerry Goldsmith[edit]

Jerry was the 'leader' of the group of unlucky friends that stumbled upon the Firefly family. He had an obsession with horror films. He was the joker of the group, making remarks, scaring the girls and later on laughing at Grandpa Hugo's crude jokes. Upon learning about the legend of Dr. Satan from Captain Spaulding, he sought out with his friends to find the tree where he was hung. He picked up a hitchhiker named Baby, who unbeknownst to him was a psychopath that lead the friends to her equally murderous family. He was killed by Dr. Satan at the end of the film.

Bill Hudley[edit]

The 'nerd' of the group, Bill liked science-fiction films and was generally a nice guy. He was the first of the four friends to die. He was mutilated by Otis and Baby and was subsequently turned into 'Fishboy', a sculpture that resembled the Fiji mermaid.

Denise Willis[edit]

Girlfriend to Jerry who, along with her friends were taken in by the Fireflys as guests after their car broke down. The two couples would tolerate their bizarre halloween traditions until Mary snapped. After the car was fixed, they all attempted to leave but were captured and taken back into the Firefly home where Denise passed out in the process. The family chose to force her into the halloween spirit, so Denise was stripped of her cold weather clothes while passed out, and was dressed as a doll that consisted of a short checked dress followed by high socks, doll shoes, doll makeup and having her hair tied into pigtails. She was next tied to a bed in Tiny's room as a gift to Tiny and pleaded to be let go which Tiny allowed only to be caught by Otis and thrown into a cage where she was grabbed by cheerleaders, whom had been kidnapped by the Firefly family, now insane. Later on, she and the two remaining students were next taken to a ritual ground to be killed but Denise escapes. She wandered around into Dr. Satan's catacombs and managed to outrun the Professor's minion (see below) and escape. Unfortunately for her, she got a ride with Captain Spaulding and Otis. She woke up in Dr. Satan's operating room screaming.

Mary Knowles[edit]

Girlfriend to Bill. Mary was the 'bitch' of the group to the point where director Rob Zombie said fans cheered when she met her grisly demise. Mary got upset when Baby tried to seduce Bill and flipped off at her, which was when their car was fixed. When they tried to leave, they were attacked and taken back inside the house. Like Denise, she passed out also and woke up tied to a chair. She begged to know where Billy was and Otis showed her him with his lower body replaced by a fish tail and his hands replaced by crocodile feet to her extreme horror. Otis then planted a kiss onto Mary before forcing her to wear one of the dead cheerleader's uniforms and proceeded to rape her. At night when the remaining students were taken to a ritual ground, she tried to escape from the murderous family, but was tracked down by Baby who stabbed her to death. In Rejects, Knowles' picture was stapled onto Baby's chest by the deranged Sheriff Wydell.

Hugo Firefly[edit]

Grandpa Hugo is arguably one of the more harmless members of the Firefly family. It assumed he is the father of Gloria "Mama" Firefly and the grandfather of Rufus, Tiny, and Baby. He doesn't engage in any acts of sadism or cruelty. Rather, he just seems to be a harmless (albeit dirty) old man.

Grandpa Hugo has a penchant for crude, sexual humor and loves telling dirty jokes. He's usually seen watching TV and yelling at the screen.

Fimple died not long after House Of 1000 Corpses was completed. Zombie omitted his role from the sequel, The Devil's Rejects, out of respect.

In an early cut of the film, Grandpa Hugo was revealed to be none other than Dr. Satan himself. Supposedly, the whole legend of Dr. Satan was to be a ruse concocted by the Firefly family to attract more victims, and Grandpa Hugo played the role of the sinister physician. Zombie later scrapped this idea, saying it would be too anticlimactic, and rather had the real Dr. Satan show up in the film's climax instead.

Don Willis[edit]

Denise's father. He sought to find out what happened to his daughter and her friends. With George Wydell, he was directed by Spaulding to the Firefly house. He was shot and killed by Otis, who later skinned his carcass and wore it as a costume.

Sheriff Frank Huston[edit]

  • Portrayed by William Basset

He is the Ruggsville County Sheriff and an old friend of Don Willis. He sent Wydell and Naish to investigate the disappearance of Denise Willis.

Lieutenant George Wydell[edit]

Investigating the disappearance of four missing teenagers, he interrogated Captain Spaulding, the owner of the gas station and freak show museum where the kids were seen last. Spaulding directed him to the site of the infamous Doctor Satan murders. Spaulding, who was later established as a member of the Firefly family, would later admit that he deliberately sent them to their doom.

With fellow police officer Deputy Steve Nash and Don Willis, one the teens' fathers and a former officer himself, he sought out the Firefly House. Nash and Willis went out back to investigate, but Wydell himself went to talk to a hesitant Mother Firefly for questioning.

He showed several pictures of the missing teenagers, but Mother Firefly claimed to know nothing about them. He was about to leave, when Nash called him on his walkie talkie. He and Ellis had discovered a small shack outside the house where some of the teens were being locked up, right before Otis B. Driftwood killed them both.

Before Wydell could do anything, Mother Firefly pulled out a gun and shot him in the neck, killing him.

In Rejects, his brother Sheriff John Wydell discovers that George was killed by the Firefly family and is hellbent on revenge. Tom Towles reprises his role as George Wydell in a cameo appearance in one of his brother's dreams. In it, Sheriff Wydell goes to the basement of the Firefly House where George is waiting for him. He tells him he has to stay there and cannot rest until his brother kills the Firefly family.

Deputy Steve Naish[edit]

George Wydell's partner. Steve liked to act tough, but he showed himself to be a coward in dangerous situations. He went to search for the missing teens with Mr. Willis and Wydell, but was shot in the head by Otis.

Lewis Dover[edit]

  • Portrayed by Irvin Mosley Jr.

Lewis Dover is a crazed and traumatized man who met Dr.Satan himself. He has many religious signs around his house. He carried a double-barreled shotgun, while yelling "You don't have to go to hell. This is hell! This is hell!"

Gerry Ober[edit]

  • Portrayed by Joe Dobbs III.

The owner of 'Red Hot Pussy Liquors', which Baby frequented. His nametag read "G. Ober" but a friend added an extra 'o' making it come to be "Goober".

Skunk Ape[edit]

Bizarre Bigfoot-like creature that is only seen in dream sequences. He apparently had impure relations with a redneck's wife and performed lewd acts on her person. He was to have a bigger role but most of it was cut out of the finished film.

Dr. Satan/S. Quentin Quale[edit]

  • Portrayed by Walter Phelan

Local legend of Ruggsville Texas, Captain Spaulding tells the legend of Dr. Satan - S. Quentin Quale, an intern at the "Willows County Mental Hospital". Through primitive brain surgery he believed he could create a race of "super-humans" from the mentally ill. When the locals discovered what he had been doing, they formed a mob and hanged him, the next day his body was missing, never to be found. From then on he had been living in the catacombs under the Firefly farm, continuing operations on people the family would lure to their home.

In Otis B. Driftwood's biography on The Devil's Rejects official site, a different tale is told. Here we find that Baby and he were drawn into a cult led by Dr. Satan. Otis and Baby, were expelled by the leader of this cult, after they murdered one of the cult's leaders with an axe following a dispute over a bottle of whiskey.

In an early cut of the film, Grandpa Hugo was revealed to be none other than Dr. Satan himself. Supposedly, the whole legend of Dr. Satan was to be a ruse concocted by the Firefly family to attract more victims, and Grandpa Hugo played the role of the sinister physician. Zombie later scrapped this idea, saying it would be too anticlimactic, and rather had the real Dr. Satan show up in the film's climax instead.

Dr. Satan did not appear in the sequel. Rob Zombie said he felt uncomfortable having him in the film, saying that the character would seem too out of place given the drastically different tone of the two movies. However Dr. Satan did appear in deleted scenes. According to Rob Zombie's commentary on the DVD, he was wounded in the opening shootout and was taken away to a hospital. (Doctor Satan is apparently in the ambulance during the opening scenes.) A nurse (played by Rosario Dawson) checks the doctor, now in a coma, when suddenly he awakes, grabs her throat and brutally tears it open before collapsing back onto the bed and possibly dying.

The actor who portrayed Dr. Satan (Walter Phalen) also makes an appearance as Tiny in a flashback sequence to when The Professor sets him on fire.

The Professor/Earl Firefly[edit]

  • Portrayed by Jake McKinnon.

The Professor is a large hulking mutant that worked with Dr. Satan. "The Professor" is a Harpo Marx character, fitting in with the rest of the Firefly family. He is never seen in The Devil's Rejcts, and it is never clarified why he, or any of Dr. Satan's other mutants for that matter, aren't, though there is a possibility they either died out or went into hiding. It is a fair assumption to believe that The Professor is one of Dr. Satan's brainwashed mentally ill creations. He is apparently the father of both Tiny and Rufus, and was responsible for the former's burns. He was referred to in House of 1000 Corpses by Mother Firefly as "Earl".

The Devil's Rejects[edit]

Sheriff John Quincey Wydell[edit]

Sheriff Wydell led a siege on the Firefly house, hoping to arrest the serial killer family that lived inside. After a brutal shootout, he managed to kill Rufus and capture Mother Firefly, but two of the most dangerous members of the family, Otis B. Driftwood and Baby managed to escape, who later reunited with Baby's father, Captain Spaulding.

He interrogated Mother Firefly for whereabouts of her kin, but the family matriarch refused. Instead, she revealed to him that she had killed his brother, Lieutenant George Wydell, taunting him by saying "I felt contrite about blowin' his brains out". Furious, Wydell promised to her that he would kill every member of her family.

After hiring two amoral bounty hunters called the 'Unholy Two' to track down the Devil's Rejects, he became witness to the aftermath of the brutal murders of Banjo and Sullivan, a traveling country band.

After a dream about his dead brother telling him to kill the Firefly family, Wydell revisited Mother Firefly again, only this time to stab her to death.

Upon finding out that the escaped killers had taken shelter at a whorehouse, he tracked down the owner, Captain Spaulding's pimp brother Charlie Altamont and told him to keep the family there so he could ambush them.

With the help of the Unholy Two, he managed to capture the Rejects and bring them to their house. Becoming increasingly disturbed by his vengeance, the Sheriff brought them to their basement and tied them to a bunch of chairs. There, he proceeded to sadistically torture them like they had done to their victims throughout the night. He nailed Otis's hands to his chair, he electrocuted and beat Spaulding with a cattle prod, and he taunted Baby over the death of her mother after stapling a picture of one of her victims to her chest.

After dousing the room with gasoline and leaving Spaulding and Otis to burn, Wydell let Baby escape so he could track her down and kill her. Charlie returned to save his family but Wydell killed him with an axe.

Wydell proceeded to shoot Baby, flog her, and then tried to strangle her to death. It was only the return of Tiny that finally stopped Wydell. The mute giant picked up the Sheriff and snapped his neck, ultimately killing him.

Officer Ray Dobson[edit]

Sheriff Wydell's partner and protege. He seems to be naive at times, but is a good police officer all in all. At the end of Rejects, Dobson became the Sheriff after Wydell died and lead the last fight against the Rejects.

Charlie Altamont[edit]

Charlie Altamont (alias 'Wolf J. Flywheel') is Captain Spaulding's African American brother. He is also a pimp.

Charlie had run a brothel and strip club and was a pimp by profession, and he also was revealed by Zombie as a "coke-head." To emphasize his style as a pimp, he was given a large amount of valuable and suggestive paraphernalia; it was not on camera, but in a scene where he was sharing his cocaine with Cutter, he had a necklace that was a cocaine spoon in the shape of a naked woman.

When the Firefly family are on the run from the police, they come to Charlie for refuge. But when Sheriff Wydell tracks him down, Charlie is pressured to give his family up.

Charlie Altamont returns later in one last moment of redemption to save his family, but Wydell kills him with an axe.


Charlie Altamont's right-hand man. He has a crush on Princess Leia from Star Wars. Was accused of having sex with chickens by a redneck, which deeply offended him.


Prostitute that was attracted to Otis. When she and Otis were fooling around at the whorehouse, Billy Ray Snapper arrived and shot Candy in the head when she drunkenly tried to shoot him. This angered Otis a great deal, but he failed to stop Snapper.

Banjo and Sullivan[edit]

Banjo and Sullivan were a group of unlucky musicians who ran into Otis and Baby at a hotel.

Jimmy Cracker[edit]

Jimmy was the roadie for Banjo and Sullivan. He was an aspiring rodeo clown that never quite made it. When he returned with some snacks for the band, Otis and Baby had taken them hostage. Baby lured Jimmy inside where Otis shot him in the head.

Roy Sullivan[edit]

Roy was the main singer of Banjo and Sullivan. He always liked to tell people that he shook hands with Johnny Cash. Otis took him and Adam Banjo out to get some weapons that he had buried before, when he and Adam tried to overpower him, failing. Otis managed to subdue Roy and commanded him to pray to God before proclaiming that he was the Devil and bludgeoning him to death.

Adam Banjo[edit]

Adam liked to act tough, but he showed himself to be a coward in dangerous situations, except in the scene where he beat Otis with a large tree branch. When Otis took Adam and Roy out for the guns, the two tried to overpower him when Otis shot Adam in the neck. Otis made Adam watch him kill Roy and then proceeded to skin Adam's face while still alive.

Gloria Sullivan[edit]

Gloria was Roy's wife. In the motel, Otis made her strip before sexually humiliating her. She later pulled a gun on Baby only for her to throw a knife at Gloria. Gloria died, but not before Baby taunted her by telling her that the gun was not loaded.

Wendy Banjo[edit]

Wendy was Adam's wife. When Wendy asked to go to the bathroom, while being held hostage, Baby made her slap Gloria until satisfied before letting her in. Wendy attempted to escape and succeeded briefly, only to run into Baby's father, Captain Spaulding, who promptly knocked her out with a headbutt and brought her back inside the room. Otis returned wearing her husband's face like a mask, which he then forced her to wear. When a maid went to check on the room, she was greeted by the gruesome aftermath of the murders; Wendy, now completely insane, was hanging from the door when she leapt onto the maid and chased her out of the room and ran into open traffic. She attempted to flag down a car when she was run over by a truck.

The band did not die in vain, however, since their albums would skyrocket after news of their deaths and would go on to sell over a million copies, thus continuing their musical legacy.

The Unholy Two[edit]

Two amoral bounty hunters hired to track down the Rejects. Rondo is a Mexican man and the more business savvy of the two, he describes Wydell's situation with the rejects as cockroaches in a house and they are the exterminators. Billy Ray Snapper is the more quick to action type guy whose main pleasure is a good fight, he and Wydell do not get along. Though some may be fooled by their biker persona's and unfashionable lifestyle, the Unholy Two are tactical and relentless when on a hunt and will gladly kill whoever gets in their way and even some who are not.

They are the only characters, beside the deputies in the beginning and the end of the film, to survive a confrontation with the Rejects

Marty Walker[edit]

Pompous film critic and big Groucho Marx fan who was hired by Wydell to find out more about the characters that the Rejects based their names on. Walker and Wydell do not get along. Mainly because Walker said a "derogatory word" about Elvis Presley in front of Wydell, a huge fan.


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