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WP:TMC - Article cleanup templates
WP:MOS - Manual of Style
MOS:TV - Manual of Style for Television
MOS:FILM - Manual of Style for Film
WP:AIV - Administrator intervention against vandalism
WP:SPI - Sockpuppet investigations
WP:FILM/R - Reliable sources for film
WP:HDT - Help desk templates
WP:ELNO - Links to be avoided

Policy / Guidelines[edit]

WP:CIVIL - Civility guidelines
WP:NPOV - Neutral point of view
WP:NOT - What Wikipedia is not
WP:OVERLINK - Wikilinks and overlinking
WP:PEACOCK - Peacock words and phrases
WP:INFOBOXFLAG - National flags in Infoboxes

Talk page ABCs[edit]

  • Sign your comments with four tildes. ~~~~
  • To address another user, you can (but do not have to) use one of these templates: {{ping|Username}} or {{u|Username}}. (Case and spelling sensitive) These templates will notify the user that you are addressing them.
Example: "Hi, {{u|Username}}, how are you?"
  • Indenting replies makes it easier to follow discussions. Use colons at the beginning of the line to indent. Each colon indents one time, like so:

I'm tired.

:Why are you tired?
::I didn't get enough sleep last night.
:::Get some sleep tonight!
::::Good idea, thanks!
  • Be civil.