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My name is Daniel Hess, and I was born in the city of Memphis, Tennessee. In January of 2010 I and a few others formed a local hackerspace known as Midsouth Makers. Since the formation of the group, I have served as the treasurer and assisted in every way possible to help establish the group as a predominant creative hobbies organization within Memphis.


I have a formal education from Christian Brothers University located on the edge of Midtown. I chose CBU due to it's reputation in engineering as well as the fact that I was given a considerable amount of tuition via scholarships. I graduated in the spring of 2009 where I was awarded two bachelor of science degrees, one in computer engineering and the other in computer science. It is my intention to further my education with a minimum of a Master of Business Administration through the assistance of my employeer.


Currently I'm a Technical Support specialist employed by St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Back in November, 2005, I began work there as a student intern performing general grunt tasks typically involving disposition of the old computers. Over time this obviously became very boring, and so I looked for any opportunity I could to improve and ramp up the duties that I was performing. Eventually that grew into a much more overall role of managing the inventory within BMC Service Desk Express, our inventory and ticketing system.

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