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Bye Wikipedia.


My name is DangerousJXD. G'day mate! I am Australian! I am male. Ask me stuff or chat or whatever on My Talk Page. I love Wikipedia. I enjoy fixing typos, extending infomation about stuff, The Teahouse, and (For the most part...) the friendliness of Wikipedia among other things. I consider myself a great editor and I look forward to getting better. I plan on becoming the best Wikipedia editor of all time!

Why is my user name DangerousJXD?[edit]

Well, on the video game Grand theft auto 5, if you call Jimmy and it's not a part where he will answer, the voice message says: "Dis big J, A.K.A J dog, A.K.A dangerous J. And I should probably say Jimmy DeSanta in case this is in relation to a doctors appointment. Spizeak!" So there you go, DangerousJ with the XD smiley.

Random stuff[edit]

Playstation gamer. Love Marvel and DC comic books. YouTube and Google are the to best things ever made. I don't have a computer. I don't have the internet. I am using a phone. NBA is terrificly spectacular. The Simpsons = best TV show ever made! The internet, nuff said. I love lying down but I hate going to sleep. I hate channel 7. Music is great. I get scared of electronic devices. Space is a wonderful place. I enjoy ice cold Coke. I excel in throwing things in the air and catching them again. I have mastered the art of clapping. I have mastered the art of whistling. I sometimes record my farts. Animals are one of the best things ever. The town I live in has a knick name called Rock-Vegas.

That is all you need to know.

Wiki Love and stuff[edit]

Great Question Badge Great Question Badge
Awarded to those who have asked a great question on the Teahouse Question Forum.

There are no stupid questions, but some are excellent! Good questions are those that reflect serious curiosity about editing and help others learn.

Earn more badges at: Teahouse Badges
Hey Dangerous, just wanted to thank you for asking a variety of great questions over at the Teahouse, from about SuggestBot, using your sandbox, and finding places to work on building content are all really great ways engaging Wikipedia. Thanks for using the Teahouse.
I, JethroBT drop me a line 18:29, 6 September 2014 (UTC)